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Aberdeen match results from 2021-06-04 to 2021-06-04

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Alice Taylor431227207
Ron Taylor43122933-4
Liam Quinn422028262
Mutlu Ustun4312311912
Jim Smart422029290
Billy Williamson4404361818
Karen Slawek42202534-9
Kirsty Mason422030264
Jenny Cooper312-12023-3
June Williamson202-21418-4
Wink Thompson303-31627-11
Norman Hessler202-21518-3
Denby Pettitt202-2918-9

Total of 13 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Fri 2021-06-04Alice Taylor9-June Williamson
2edit Fri 2021-06-04Ron Taylor9-Wink Thompson
3edit Fri 2021-06-04Liam Quinn9-Kirsty Mason
4edit Fri 2021-06-04Mutlu Ustun9-Norman Hessler
5edit Fri 2021-06-04Jim Smart9-Jenny Cooper
6edit Fri 2021-06-04Billy Williamson9-Karen Slawek
7edit Fri 2021-06-04Billy Williamson9-Jim Smart
8edit Fri 2021-06-04Ron Taylor9-Denby Pettitt
9edit Fri 2021-06-04Liam Quinn9-Mutlu Ustun
10edit Fri 2021-06-04Alice Taylor9-Wink Thompson
11edit Fri 2021-06-04Karen Slawek9-June Williamson
12edit Fri 2021-06-04Kirsty Mason9-Jenny Cooper
13edit Fri 2021-06-04Alice Taylor9-Ron Taylor
14edit Fri 2021-06-04Billy Williamson9-Liam Quinn
15edit Fri 2021-06-04Kirsty Mason9-Jim Smart
16edit Fri 2021-06-04Mutlu Ustun9-Denby Pettitt
17edit Fri 2021-06-04Karen Slawek9-Norman Hessler
18edit Fri 2021-06-04Jenny Cooper9-Wink Thompson
19edit Fri 2021-06-04Billy Williamson9-Alice Taylor
20edit Fri 2021-06-04Mutlu Ustun9-Karen Slawek
21edit Fri 2021-06-04Jim Smart9-Liam Quinn
22edit Fri 2021-06-04Ron Taylor9-Kirsty Mason
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