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Bradford match results from 2020-12-20 to 2020-12-20

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Maurice Ekpenyong303-3027-27
Charles Conrad312-1918-9
Brian Lever32111899
Martyn Hamer32111899
Michelle Ford2110990
Alistair Ketner303-3027-27
Steve Lee2110990
Sarah Jolliff541340931
Dorothy Lee4312271116
Alex Hannam312-1918-9
Roland Archer321118117
Gregge Madan312-1918-9
Kevin Jones532129209

Total of 13 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2020-12-20Maurice Ekpenyong-9Kevin Jones
2edit Sun 2020-12-20Charles Conrad-9Dorothy Lee
3edit Sun 2020-12-20Brian Lever9-Gregge Madan
4edit Sun 2020-12-20Martyn Hamer9-Alex Hannam
5edit Sun 2020-12-20Michelle Ford-9Sarah Jolliff
6edit Sun 2020-12-20Alistair Ketner-9Roland Archer
7edit Sun 2020-12-20Charles Conrad9-Kevin Jones
8edit Sun 2020-12-20Steve Lee9-Martyn Hamer
9edit Sun 2020-12-20Maurice Ekpenyong-9Michelle Ford
10edit Sun 2020-12-20Sarah Jolliff9-Alistair Ketner
11edit Sun 2020-12-20Dorothy Lee9-Brian Lever
12edit Sun 2020-12-20Alex Hannam9-Gregge Madan
13edit Sun 2020-12-20Roland Archer9-Sarah Jolliff
14edit Sun 2020-12-20Alex Hannam-9Kevin Jones
15edit Sun 2020-12-20Gregge Madan9-Alistair Ketner
16edit Sun 2020-12-20Martyn Hamer9-Maurice Ekpenyong
17edit Sun 2020-12-20Charles Conrad-9Brian Lever
18edit Sun 2020-12-20Dorothy Lee9-Steve Lee
19edit Sun 2020-12-20Kevin Jones11-Dorothy Lee
20edit Sun 2020-12-20Sarah Jolliff11-Roland Archer
21edit Sun 2020-12-20Sarah Jolliff11-Kevin Jones
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