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Brighton Summer Open match results from 2021-02-26 to 2021-02-26

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Alistair Ketner312-11522-7
Steve Slade101-1011-11
Gregge Madan101-1011-11
Becca Bell101-1011-11
Andrew Darby3211221111
Yener Ciner211011110
André Larsen6514551144
Salvador Leong202-2922-13
Lucy Friedman101-1011-11
Andrew Fotiadis4312331122
Marius Marin312-11626-10
Ergin Ahmet21101116-5
Andrew Selby101-1011-11
Warner Solomon21101120-9
Neil Davidson110111011
Tim Parfitt101-1011-11
Anna Price211011110
Chris Hamilton211011110
Kristian Mills4312331122

Total of 19 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Fri 2021-02-26Alistair Ketner-11Marius MarinTournament (QF)
2edit Fri 2021-02-26Ergin Ahmet11-Marius MarinTournament (SF)
3edit Fri 2021-02-26Alistair Ketner11-Tim Parfitt
4edit Fri 2021-02-26Steve Slade-11Anna Price
5edit Fri 2021-02-26Gregge Madan-11Chris Hamilton
6edit Fri 2021-02-26Becca Bell-11Kristian Mills
7edit Fri 2021-02-26Andrew Darby11-Alistair Ketner
8edit Fri 2021-02-26Yener Ciner11-Anna Price
9edit Fri 2021-02-26André Larsen11-Chris Hamilton
10edit Fri 2021-02-26Salvador Leong-11Kristian Mills
11edit Fri 2021-02-26Lucy Friedman-11Andrew Darby
12edit Fri 2021-02-26Andrew Fotiadis11-Yener Ciner
13edit Fri 2021-02-26Marius Marin-11André Larsen
14edit Fri 2021-02-26Ergin Ahmet-11Kristian Mills
15edit Fri 2021-02-26Andrew Darby-11Andrew Fotiadis
16edit Fri 2021-02-26André Larsen11-Kristian Mills
17edit Fri 2021-02-26Andrew Selby-11Andrew Fotiadis
18edit Fri 2021-02-26Warner Solomon-11André Larsen
19edit Fri 2021-02-26Andrew Fotiadis-11André Larsen
20edit Fri 2021-02-26Neil Davidson11-André Larsen
21edit Fri 2021-02-26Warner Solomon11-Salvador LeongTournament (R2)
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