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Bristol match results from 2020-05-11 to 2020-05-11

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Andrew Cobb110111011
Chris Hughes110111011
Dave Pym440412012
Ismail Yilmaz523-169-3
Mandy Macdonald5321963
Rosemary Whitehouse2110330
Gerald Whitehouse4312936
Paul Watts2110330
Kevin Peters5321963
Cliff Blofield5321963
Yuri Cherkasenko660618018
Andy Boysan54131239
Caroline Boulton4220660
Rosey Bensley312-136-3
Simonetta Herrera64221266
Cynthia Roberts514-3312-9
Stephen Little64221266
John Curran413-239-6
Mathew Nicholls514-3312-9
Roland Herrera5321963
Rob Wills624-2612-6
Alan Joicey5321963
Chas Perry101-1011-11
Steffen Nowak101-1011-11
Mary French303-309-9
Ben Crowden202-206-6
Andrew Gay101-103-3
Steve Morris404-4012-12
Tim Line202-206-6

Total of 29 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2020-05-11Andrew Cobb11-Chas Perry
2edit Mon 2020-05-11Chris Hughes11-Steffen Nowak
3edit Mon 2020-05-11Dave Pym3-Cynthia Roberts
4edit Mon 2020-05-11Ismail Yilmaz3-John Curran
5edit Mon 2020-05-11Mandy Macdonald3-Mary French
6edit Mon 2020-05-11Rosemary Whitehouse3-Ben Crowden
7edit Mon 2020-05-11Gerald Whitehouse3-Alan Joicey
8edit Mon 2020-05-11Paul Watts3-Mathew Nicholls
9edit Mon 2020-05-11Kevin Peters3-Andrew Gay
10edit Mon 2020-05-11Cliff Blofield3-Stephen Little
11edit Mon 2020-05-11Dave Pym3-Ismail Yilmaz
12edit Mon 2020-05-11Mandy Macdonald3-Rosemary Whitehouse
13edit Mon 2020-05-11Gerald Whitehouse3-Paul Watts
14edit Mon 2020-05-11Kevin Peters3-Cliff Blofield
15edit Mon 2020-05-11Dave Pym3-Mandy Macdonald
16edit Mon 2020-05-11Gerald Whitehouse3-Kevin Peters
17edit Mon 2020-05-11Dave Pym3-Gerald Whitehouse
18edit Mon 2020-05-11Yuri Cherkasenko3-Steve Morris
19edit Mon 2020-05-11Andy Boysan3-Rob Wills
20edit Mon 2020-05-11Caroline Boulton3-Cynthia Roberts
21edit Mon 2020-05-11Rosey Bensley3-Tim Line
22edit Mon 2020-05-11Yuri Cherkasenko3-Andy Boysan
23edit Mon 2020-05-11Caroline Boulton3-Rosey Bensley
24edit Mon 2020-05-11Yuri Cherkasenko3-Caroline Boulton
25edit Mon 2020-05-11Simonetta Herrera3-Steve Morris
26edit Mon 2020-05-11Cynthia Roberts3-Roland Herrera
27edit Mon 2020-05-11Stephen Little3-Rob Wills
28edit Mon 2020-05-11John Curran3-Ben Crowden
29edit Mon 2020-05-11Simonetta Herrera3-Cynthia Roberts
30edit Mon 2020-05-11Stephen Little3-John Curran
31edit Mon 2020-05-11Simonetta Herrera3-Stephen Little
32edit Mon 2020-05-11Andy Boysan3-Tim Line
33edit Mon 2020-05-11Mathew Nicholls3-Rob Wills
34edit Mon 2020-05-11Cliff Blofield3-Ismail Yilmaz
35edit Mon 2020-05-11Roland Herrera3-Mary French
36edit Mon 2020-05-11Andy Boysan3-Mathew Nicholls
37edit Mon 2020-05-11Cliff Blofield3-Roland Herrera
38edit Mon 2020-05-11Andy Boysan3-Cliff Blofield
39edit Mon 2020-05-11Yuri Cherkasenko3-John Curran
40edit Mon 2020-05-11Ismail Yilmaz3-Mary French
41edit Mon 2020-05-11Rob Wills3-Steve Morris
42edit Mon 2020-05-11Alan Joicey3-Cynthia Roberts
43edit Mon 2020-05-11Yuri Cherkasenko3-Ismail Yilmaz
44edit Mon 2020-05-11Rob Wills3-Alan Joicey
45edit Mon 2020-05-11Yuri Cherkasenko3-Rob Wills
46edit Mon 2020-05-11Stephen Little3-Caroline Boulton
47edit Mon 2020-05-11Kevin Peters3-Simonetta Herrera
48edit Mon 2020-05-11Stephen Little3-Kevin Peters
49edit Mon 2020-05-11Roland Herrera3-Steve Morris
50edit Mon 2020-05-11Mandy Macdonald3-Mathew Nicholls
51edit Mon 2020-05-11Roland Herrera3-Mandy Macdonald
52edit Mon 2020-05-11Alan Joicey3-Rosey Bensley
53edit Mon 2020-05-11Simonetta Herrera3-Mathew Nicholls
54edit Mon 2020-05-11Alan Joicey3-Simonetta Herrera
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