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Bristol match results from 2021-11-22 to 2021-11-22

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Simon Hughes110111011
George Georgiou211011110
Chris Hughes826-41426-12
Richard Owsley110111011
Gaz Owen64221266
Tim Line64221266
John Curran624-2612-6
Kevin Peters651415312
Cliff Blofield6330990
Cynthia Roberts624-2612-6
Hazel Harper615-4315-12
Ian Anderson651415312
Steve Pickard624-2612-6
Kylie Hedges6330990
Natalie Singh64221266
Michael Petrakas64221266
Nick Barham6330990
Andrew Montgomery6330990
Ian Hedges624-2612-6
Adam Sinclair624-2612-6
Safi Tracy651415312
Alan Joicey651415312
Adrian Farthing6330990
Peter Thistlewood101-1011-11
Carwyn Jenkins101-1011-11
Frank Jones606-6018-18

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2021-11-22Simon Hughes11-Peter Thistlewood
2edit Mon 2021-11-22George Georgiou11-Chris Hughes
3edit Mon 2021-11-22Chris Hughes11-George Georgiou
4edit Mon 2021-11-22Richard Owsley11-Carwyn Jenkins
5edit Mon 2021-11-22Gaz Owen3-Kevin Peters
6edit Mon 2021-11-22Tim Line3-Hazel Harper
7edit Mon 2021-11-22John Curran3-Cynthia Roberts
8edit Mon 2021-11-22Tim Line3-Gaz Owen
9edit Mon 2021-11-22Kevin Peters3-John Curran
10edit Mon 2021-11-22Cliff Blofield3-Hazel Harper
11edit Mon 2021-11-22Gaz Owen3-John Curran
12edit Mon 2021-11-22Cliff Blofield3-Tim Line
13edit Mon 2021-11-22Cynthia Roberts3-Hazel Harper
14edit Mon 2021-11-22Cliff Blofield3-Gaz Owen
15edit Mon 2021-11-22Tim Line3-Cynthia Roberts
16edit Mon 2021-11-22Kevin Peters3-Hazel Harper
17edit Mon 2021-11-22Cynthia Roberts3-Cliff Blofield
18edit Mon 2021-11-22Hazel Harper3-John Curran
19edit Mon 2021-11-22Kevin Peters3-Tim Line
20edit Mon 2021-11-22Gaz Owen3-Cynthia Roberts
21edit Mon 2021-11-22Kevin Peters3-Cliff Blofield
22edit Mon 2021-11-22Tim Line3-John Curran
23edit Mon 2021-11-22Gaz Owen3-Hazel Harper
24edit Mon 2021-11-22Kevin Peters3-Cynthia Roberts
25edit Mon 2021-11-22John Curran3-Cliff Blofield
26edit Mon 2021-11-22Ian Anderson3-Nick Barham
27edit Mon 2021-11-22Steve Pickard3-Frank Jones
28edit Mon 2021-11-22Kylie Hedges3-Natalie Singh
29edit Mon 2021-11-22Ian Anderson3-Frank Jones
30edit Mon 2021-11-22Natalie Singh3-Nick Barham
31edit Mon 2021-11-22Michael Petrakas3-Steve Pickard
32edit Mon 2021-11-22Ian Anderson3-Natalie Singh
33edit Mon 2021-11-22Michael Petrakas3-Frank Jones
34edit Mon 2021-11-22Steve Pickard3-Kylie Hedges
35edit Mon 2021-11-22Ian Anderson3-Michael Petrakas
36edit Mon 2021-11-22Kylie Hedges3-Frank Jones
37edit Mon 2021-11-22Nick Barham3-Steve Pickard
38edit Mon 2021-11-22Michael Petrakas3-Kylie Hedges
39edit Mon 2021-11-22Natalie Singh3-Steve Pickard
40edit Mon 2021-11-22Nick Barham3-Frank Jones
41edit Mon 2021-11-22Kylie Hedges3-Ian Anderson
42edit Mon 2021-11-22Michael Petrakas3-Nick Barham
43edit Mon 2021-11-22Natalie Singh3-Frank Jones
44edit Mon 2021-11-22Ian Anderson3-Steve Pickard
45edit Mon 2021-11-22Nick Barham3-Kylie Hedges
46edit Mon 2021-11-22Natalie Singh3-Michael Petrakas
47edit Mon 2021-11-22Andrew Montgomery3-Adam Sinclair
48edit Mon 2021-11-22Chris Hughes3-Adrian Farthing
49edit Mon 2021-11-22Ian Hedges3-Alan Joicey
50edit Mon 2021-11-22Adam Sinclair3-Chris Hughes
51edit Mon 2021-11-22Andrew Montgomery3-Ian Hedges
52edit Mon 2021-11-22Safi Tracy3-Adrian Farthing
53edit Mon 2021-11-22Adam Sinclair3-Ian Hedges
54edit Mon 2021-11-22Safi Tracy3-Chris Hughes
55edit Mon 2021-11-22Alan Joicey3-Adrian Farthing
56edit Mon 2021-11-22Safi Tracy3-Adam Sinclair
57edit Mon 2021-11-22Alan Joicey3-Chris Hughes
58edit Mon 2021-11-22Adrian Farthing3-Andrew Montgomery
59edit Mon 2021-11-22Alan Joicey3-Safi Tracy
60edit Mon 2021-11-22Adrian Farthing3-Ian Hedges
61edit Mon 2021-11-22Andrew Montgomery3-Chris Hughes
62edit Mon 2021-11-22Alan Joicey3-Adam Sinclair
63edit Mon 2021-11-22Safi Tracy3-Andrew Montgomery
64edit Mon 2021-11-22Ian Hedges3-Chris Hughes
65edit Mon 2021-11-22Adrian Farthing3-Adam Sinclair
66edit Mon 2021-11-22Alan Joicey3-Andrew Montgomery
67edit Mon 2021-11-22Safi Tracy3-Ian Hedges
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