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Charity Challenge match results from 2021-04-04 to 2021-04-04

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
James Newman110111011
Andy Marshall110111011
Julia Hayward110111011
Ann Pocknell110111011
Richard Furborough110111011
Adrian Farthing110111011
Brian Lever110111011
Gaz Owen110111011
Ian Gwynne110111011
Dave Pritchard110111011
Mark Robinson110111011
Oliver Squire110111011
Jim Slomkoski110111011
John Gallagher101-1011-11
Nicky Check101-1011-11
Charles Hill101-1011-11
Alastair Woods101-1011-11
Richard Carter101-1011-11
Geoff Hall101-1011-11
Tim Line101-1011-11
Simon Carter101-1011-11
Safi Tracy101-1011-11
Stefan Frigerio101-1011-11
Richard Halvorsen101-1011-11
Phil Perelmuter101-1011-11
Michael Petrakas101-1011-11

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2021-04-04James Newman11-John Gallagher
2edit Sun 2021-04-04Andy Marshall11-Nicky Check
3edit Sun 2021-04-04Julia Hayward11-Charles Hill
4edit Sun 2021-04-04Ann Pocknell11-Alastair Woods
5edit Sun 2021-04-04Richard Furborough11-Richard Carter
6edit Sun 2021-04-04Adrian Farthing11-Geoff Hall
7edit Sun 2021-04-04Brian Lever11-Tim Line
8edit Sun 2021-04-04Gaz Owen11-Simon Carter
9edit Sun 2021-04-04Ian Gwynne11-Safi Tracy
10edit Sun 2021-04-04Dave Pritchard11-Stefan Frigerio
11edit Sun 2021-04-04Mark Robinson11-Richard Halvorsen
12edit Sun 2021-04-04Oliver Squire11-Phil Perelmuter
13edit Sun 2021-04-04Jim Slomkoski11-Michael Petrakas
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