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CityGammon match results from 2021-02-03 to 2021-02-03

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Neil Clarke32111798
Damien Ricaud321114104
Salvador Leong312-1914-5
Mike Ireland330321417
Neil Taylor312-11420-6
Dan Ursan42201620-4
David Potter1101725
Brenda Rosen202-2814-6
Sue Perks202-2114-13

Total of 9 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2021-02-03Neil Clarke7-Brenda Rosen
2edit Wed 2021-02-03Damien Ricaud7-Dan Ursan
3edit Wed 2021-02-03Salvador Leong7-Sue Perks
4edit Wed 2021-02-03Mike Ireland7-Neil Taylor
5edit Wed 2021-02-03Damien Ricaud7-Neil Clarke
6edit Wed 2021-02-03Mike Ireland7-Salvador Leong
7edit Wed 2021-02-03Mike Ireland7-Damien Ricaud
8edit Wed 2021-02-03Neil Taylor7-Brenda Rosen
9edit Wed 2021-02-03Dan Ursan7-Sue Perks
10edit Wed 2021-02-03Dan Ursan7-Neil Taylor
11edit Wed 2021-02-03Neil Clarke7-Salvador Leong
12edit Wed 2021-02-03David Potter7-Dan Ursan
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