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Coventry match results from 2020-11-26 to 2020-11-26

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Phil Tutchings1156-11518-3
Mike Wood1165118153
Eric Westbrook1156-11518-3
Mike Eyre1165118153
Steve Moxley1174321129
Alex Ward1156-11518-3
Reece Hodges1174321129
Michelle Ford1147-31221-9
Richard Carter1138-5924-15
Paul Plumptre1174321129
Jim Shoesmith1183524915
David Sanders (Worcester)1138-5924-15

Total of 12 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings3-David Sanders (Worcester)
2edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Wood3-Richard Carter
3edit Thu 2020-11-26Eric Westbrook-3Jim Shoesmith
4edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Eyre-3Paul Plumptre
5edit Thu 2020-11-26Steve Moxley-3Michelle Ford
6edit Thu 2020-11-26Alex Ward3-Reece Hodges
7edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings-3Eric Westbrook
8edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Wood-3Jim Shoesmith
9edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Eyre3-David Sanders (Worcester)
10edit Thu 2020-11-26Alex Ward3-Richard Carter
11edit Thu 2020-11-26Steve Moxley-3Paul Plumptre
12edit Thu 2020-11-26Reece Hodges-3Michelle Ford
13edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings-3Mike Eyre
14edit Thu 2020-11-26Michelle Ford-3Richard Carter
15edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Wood3-Eric Westbrook
16edit Thu 2020-11-26Steve Moxley3-David Sanders (Worcester)
17edit Thu 2020-11-26Alex Ward3-Jim Shoesmith
18edit Thu 2020-11-26Reece Hodges3-Paul Plumptre
19edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings-3Mike Wood
20edit Thu 2020-11-26Alex Ward-3Eric Westbrook
21edit Thu 2020-11-26Steve Moxley3-Mike Eyre
22edit Thu 2020-11-26Reece Hodges3-David Sanders (Worcester)
23edit Thu 2020-11-26Michelle Ford-3Jim Shoesmith
24edit Thu 2020-11-26Richard Carter-3Paul Plumptre
25edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings-3Steve Moxley
26edit Thu 2020-11-26Alex Ward-3Mike Wood
27edit Thu 2020-11-26Reece Hodges3-Mike Eyre
28edit Thu 2020-11-26Richard Carter3-David Sanders (Worcester)
29edit Thu 2020-11-26Michelle Ford-3Eric Westbrook
30edit Thu 2020-11-26Paul Plumptre-3Jim Shoesmith
31edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings3-Alex Ward
32edit Thu 2020-11-26Michelle Ford3-Mike Wood
33edit Thu 2020-11-26Reece Hodges-3Steve Moxley
34edit Thu 2020-11-26Richard Carter-3Mike Eyre
35edit Thu 2020-11-26Paul Plumptre3-Eric Westbrook
36edit Thu 2020-11-26Jim Shoesmith3-David Sanders (Worcester)
37edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings3-Reece Hodges
38edit Thu 2020-11-26Jim Shoesmith3-Mike Eyre
39edit Thu 2020-11-26Michelle Ford-3Alex Ward
40edit Thu 2020-11-26Richard Carter-3Steve Moxley
41edit Thu 2020-11-26Paul Plumptre-3Mike Wood
42edit Thu 2020-11-26David Sanders (Worcester)-3Eric Westbrook
43edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings-3Michelle Ford
44edit Thu 2020-11-26Richard Carter-3Reece Hodges
45edit Thu 2020-11-26Paul Plumptre3-Alex Ward
46edit Thu 2020-11-26David Sanders (Worcester)3-Mike Wood
47edit Thu 2020-11-26Jim Shoesmith-3Steve Moxley
48edit Thu 2020-11-26Eric Westbrook-3Mike Eyre
49edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings3-Richard Carter
50edit Thu 2020-11-26Paul Plumptre3-Michelle Ford
51edit Thu 2020-11-26Jim Shoesmith-3Reece Hodges
52edit Thu 2020-11-26David Sanders (Worcester)3-Alex Ward
53edit Thu 2020-11-26Eric Westbrook3-Steve Moxley
54edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Eyre3-Mike Wood
55edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings3-Paul Plumptre
56edit Thu 2020-11-26Jim Shoesmith3-Richard Carter
57edit Thu 2020-11-26David Sanders (Worcester)3-Michelle Ford
58edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Wood3-Steve Moxley
59edit Thu 2020-11-26Eric Westbrook-3Reece Hodges
60edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Eyre-3Alex Ward
61edit Thu 2020-11-26Phil Tutchings-3Jim Shoesmith
62edit Thu 2020-11-26David Sanders (Worcester)-3Paul Plumptre
63edit Thu 2020-11-26Eric Westbrook-3Richard Carter
64edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Wood-3Reece Hodges
65edit Thu 2020-11-26Mike Eyre3-Michelle Ford
66edit Thu 2020-11-26Steve Moxley3-Alex Ward
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