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Coventry Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Reece Hodges1,758.402942
2Richard Carter1,681.162963
3Ian Gwynne1,673.933618
4Seán Jones1,645.482833
5Jim Shoesmith1,628.30321
6Dan Tutchings1,598.93139
7Paul Plumptre1,593.492294
8David Sanders (Worcester)1,584.144173
9Mike Wood1,572.89907
10Mike Eyre1,564.64316
11Alex Ward1,554.232154
12Eric Westbrook1,529.351218
13George Taranu1,513.0913
14Matthew Fisher1,509.361914
15Andrew Baxter1,483.97126
16Mirela Taranu1,478.4813
17Phil Tutchings1,470.441839
18Steve Moxley1,437.43994
19Michelle Ford1,257.522148

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for 2 full seasons.

Last result added on 2022-12-06.

How ratings are calculated.