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Ealing match results from 2021-02-11 to 2021-02-11

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Alexander Polden6422201010
Lawrence Powell651425520
Steve Cave404-4018-18
Tariq Siddiqi413-2515-10
Paul Bolton642214104
Roni Sofroniou761530525
Sebastian Adams413-2513-8
Annie Craig42201082
Sion Edwards413-2513-8
Larry Smyth523-11015-5
Frédéric Thomas312-1510-5
Sean Clennell53211183
Mike Ireland6422201010
Marius Pugna615-4321-18
Farzin Yazdi624-2618-12
Anna Price431215510

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2021-02-11Alexander Polden5-Paul Bolton
2edit Thu 2021-02-11Lawrence Powell-5Sebastian Adams
3edit Thu 2021-02-11Steve Cave-5Roni Sofroniou
4edit Thu 2021-02-11Tariq Siddiqi5-Annie Craig
5edit Thu 2021-02-11Paul Bolton5-Sebastian Adams
6edit Thu 2021-02-11Alexander Polden-5Lawrence Powell
7edit Thu 2021-02-11Roni Sofroniou5-Tariq Siddiqi
8edit Thu 2021-02-11Steve Cave-5Annie Craig
9edit Thu 2021-02-11Paul Bolton-5Lawrence Powell
10edit Thu 2021-02-11Sebastian Adams-5Alexander Polden
11edit Thu 2021-02-11Roni Sofroniou5-Tariq Siddiqi
12edit Thu 2021-02-11Annie Craig5-Steve Cave
13edit Thu 2021-02-11Sion Edwards-5Mike Ireland
14edit Thu 2021-02-11Larry Smyth5-Farzin Yazdi
15edit Thu 2021-02-11Frédéric Thomas5-Marius Pugna
16edit Thu 2021-02-11Sean Clennell-5Anna Price
17edit Thu 2021-02-11Sion Edwards5-Farzin Yazdi
18edit Thu 2021-02-11Mike Ireland5-Larry Smyth
19edit Thu 2021-02-11Frédéric Thomas-5Anna Price
20edit Thu 2021-02-11Marius Pugna-5Sean Clennell
21edit Thu 2021-02-11Sion Edwards-5Larry Smyth
22edit Thu 2021-02-11Farzin Yazdi-5Mike Ireland
23edit Thu 2021-02-11Roni Sofroniou5-Larry Smyth
24edit Thu 2021-02-11Anna Price5-Marius Pugna
25edit Thu 2021-02-11Lawrence Powell5-Tariq Siddiqi
26edit Thu 2021-02-11Mike Ireland5-Frédéric Thomas
27edit Thu 2021-02-11Roni Sofroniou5-Larry Smyth
28edit Thu 2021-02-11Anna Price-5Alexander Polden
29edit Thu 2021-02-11Lawrence Powell5-Mike Ireland
30edit Thu 2021-02-11Roni Sofroniou5-Alexander Polden
31edit Thu 2021-02-11Mike Ireland-5Alexander Polden
32edit Thu 2021-02-11Lawrence Powell5-Roni Sofroniou
33edit Thu 2021-02-11Paul Bolton3-Steve Cave
34edit Thu 2021-02-11Sion Edwards-3Marius Pugna
35edit Thu 2021-02-11Annie Craig-3Farzin Yazdi
36edit Thu 2021-02-11Sean Clennell3-Sebastian Adams
37edit Thu 2021-02-11Paul Bolton3-Marius Pugna
38edit Thu 2021-02-11Farzin Yazdi3-Sean Clennell
39edit Thu 2021-02-11Sean Clennell3-Marius Pugna
40edit Thu 2021-02-11Paul Bolton3-Farzin Yazdi
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