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Ealing match results from 2021-08-05 to 2021-08-05

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Yas Turan440424024
Steve Cave422012120
Alexander Polden431217710
Mahmoud Jahanbani413-2519-14
Chris O'Connor413-2519-14
Chris Palmer422012120
Sion Edwards413-2519-14
Henry Keane431219514
Tariq Siddiqi422014104
Mike Ireland413-2717-10

Total of 10 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2021-08-05Yas Turan5-Mike Ireland
2edit Thu 2021-08-05Steve Cave5-Sion Edwards
3edit Thu 2021-08-05Alexander Polden5-Tariq Siddiqi
4edit Thu 2021-08-05Mahmoud Jahanbani5-Henry Keane
5edit Thu 2021-08-05Chris O'Connor5-Chris Palmer
6edit Thu 2021-08-05Alexander Polden5-Mahmoud Jahanbani
7edit Thu 2021-08-05Yas Turan5-Steve Cave
8edit Thu 2021-08-05Chris Palmer5-Mike Ireland
9edit Thu 2021-08-05Sion Edwards5-Chris O'Connor
10edit Thu 2021-08-05Henry Keane5-Tariq Siddiqi
11edit Thu 2021-08-05Steve Cave7-Mahmoud Jahanbani
12edit Thu 2021-08-05Henry Keane7-Chris O'Connor
13edit Thu 2021-08-05Tariq Siddiqi7-Mike Ireland
14edit Thu 2021-08-05Yas Turan7-Alexander Polden
15edit Thu 2021-08-05Chris Palmer7-Sion Edwards
16edit Thu 2021-08-05Tariq Siddiqi7-Mahmoud Jahanbani
17edit Thu 2021-08-05Henry Keane7-Sion Edwards
18edit Thu 2021-08-05Mike Ireland7-Chris O'Connor
19edit Thu 2021-08-05Yas Turan7-Chris Palmer
20edit Thu 2021-08-05Alexander Polden7-Steve Cave
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