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Ealing match results from 2022-01-03 to 2022-01-03

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Yas Turan633015150
Henry Keane523-11015-5
Roger Phillips523-11015-5
Alexander Polden422010100
Valerie Hayes550525025
Tariq Siddiqi6422201010
Mahmoud Jahanbani422010100
Larry Smyth541320515
Chris O'Connor6422201010
Sue Keeble413-2515-10
Marius Pugna615-4525-20
Parvin Faridian404-4020-20

Total of 12 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2022-01-03Alexander Polden5-Marius Pugna
2edit Mon 2022-01-03Henry Keane5-Sue Keeble
3edit Mon 2022-01-03Valerie Hayes5-Mahmoud Jahanbani
4edit Mon 2022-01-03Yas Turan5-Larry Smyth
5edit Mon 2022-01-03Tariq Siddiqi5-Parvin Faridian
6edit Mon 2022-01-03Roger Phillips5-Chris O'Connor
7edit Mon 2022-01-03Larry Smyth5-Marius Pugna
8edit Mon 2022-01-03Tariq Siddiqi5-Henry Keane
9edit Mon 2022-01-03Roger Phillips5-Alexander Polden
10edit Mon 2022-01-03Mahmoud Jahanbani5-Sue Keeble
11edit Mon 2022-01-03Chris O'Connor5-Yas Turan
12edit Mon 2022-01-03Larry Smyth5-Marius Pugna
13edit Mon 2022-01-03Valerie Hayes5-Parvin Faridian
14edit Mon 2022-01-03Alexander Polden5-Yas Turan
15edit Mon 2022-01-03Chris O'Connor5-Roger Phillips
16edit Mon 2022-01-03Mahmoud Jahanbani5-Henry Keane
17edit Mon 2022-01-03Valerie Hayes5-Tariq Siddiqi
18edit Mon 2022-01-03Sue Keeble5-Parvin Faridian
19edit Mon 2022-01-03Chris O'Connor5-Mahmoud Jahanbani
20edit Mon 2022-01-03Tariq Siddiqi5-Alexander Polden
21edit Mon 2022-01-03Marius Pugna5-Sue Keeble
22edit Mon 2022-01-03Yas Turan5-Parvin Faridian
23edit Mon 2022-01-03Larry Smyth5-Yas Turan
24edit Mon 2022-01-03Henry Keane5-Marius Pugna
25edit Mon 2022-01-03Chris O'Connor5-Roger Phillips
26edit Mon 2022-01-03Valerie Hayes5-Tariq Siddiqi
27edit Mon 2022-01-03Yas Turan5-Marius Pugna
28edit Mon 2022-01-03Larry Smyth5-Henry Keane
29edit Mon 2022-01-03Tariq Siddiqi5-Roger Phillips
30edit Mon 2022-01-03Valerie Hayes5-Chris O'Connor
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