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Ealing Ladder - Season 2021

Last match recorded here this season was on 2021-02-25.

RankNameScorePoints played
1Simon Morecroft1,629.4130
2Chris Palmer1,590.2030
3Mike Ireland1,578.1597
4Alexander Polden1,567.4474
5Farzin Yazdi1,566.6854
6Paul Bolton1,566.0244
7Tom O'Connor1,548.0930
8Peter Bennet1,547.0430
9Lawrence Powell1,545.2348
10Seán Jones1,542.1920
11Anna Price1,538.6820
12Sion Edwards1,532.8491
13Roni Sofroniou1,525.1871
14Henry Keane1,524.3744
15Sean Clennell1,513.3619
16Catherine Mulrenan1,499.9240
17Mick Kamintzi1,494.7624
18Tariq Siddiqi1,491.27104
19Larry Smyth1,483.5925
20Frédéric Thomas1,473.9939
21Luke Baker1,469.1933
22Paul Ryb1,461.3640
23David Dennis1,461.3130
24Sebastian Adams1,439.3881
25Roger Phillips1,429.2437
26David Sanders1,418.9118
27Annie Craig1,396.4875
28Steve Cave1,364.3963
29Marius Pugna1,301.3369

If your name's not on this list, you haven't had any ladder matches recorded for you this season: your ladder score is 1500.

Note that tournament and league matches do not count towards the ladder.

Last result added on 2021-03-03.

How the ladder works.