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East Kent match results from 2021-10-28 to 2021-10-28

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Maria Dolphin844020200
Jonathan Lamb871635530
David Tingey8532251510
Jon Meyer835-21525-10
Mitch Connolly624-21020-10
Sean Thomas624-21020-10
Jooles Meyer624-21020-10

Total of 7 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2021-10-28Maria Dolphin5-Jooles Meyer
2edit Thu 2021-10-28Jonathan Lamb5-Mitch Connolly
3edit Thu 2021-10-28Jonathan Lamb5-David Tingey
4edit Thu 2021-10-28David Tingey5-Mitch Connolly
5edit Thu 2021-10-28David Tingey5-Sean Thomas
6edit Thu 2021-10-28Jonathan Lamb5-Jon Meyer
7edit Thu 2021-10-28Maria Dolphin5-Mitch Connolly
8edit Thu 2021-10-28Jonathan Lamb5-Sean Thomas
9edit Thu 2021-10-28Jon Meyer5-Sean Thomas
10edit Thu 2021-10-28Mitch Connolly5-Sean Thomas
11edit Thu 2021-10-28Maria Dolphin5-David Tingey
12edit Thu 2021-10-28Jonathan Lamb5-Jooles Meyer
13edit Thu 2021-10-28Jon Meyer5-David Tingey
14edit Thu 2021-10-28Jon Meyer5-Maria Dolphin
15edit Thu 2021-10-28Sean Thomas5-Maria Dolphin
16edit Thu 2021-10-28Jonathan Lamb5-Maria Dolphin
17edit Thu 2021-10-28David Tingey5-Jooles Meyer
18edit Thu 2021-10-28Jooles Meyer5-Mitch Connolly
19edit Thu 2021-10-28Mitch Connolly5-Jon Meyer
20edit Thu 2021-10-28Jooles Meyer5-Jon Meyer
21edit Thu 2021-10-28Sean Thomas5-Jooles Meyer
22edit Thu 2021-10-28David Tingey5-Maria Dolphin
23edit Thu 2021-10-28Jonathan Lamb5-Jon Meyer
24edit Thu 2021-10-28David Tingey5-Jonathan Lamb
25edit Thu 2021-10-28Maria Dolphin5-Jon Meyer
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