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N E B A match results from 2020-05-02 to 2020-05-02

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
David Gallagher11011174
John Horton11011192
Stuart Whittingham110111101
Mac Mcfadden11011156
Charles Conrad11011192
Steve Lee11011165
Peter Booth110111101
Anita Marholm11011183
Stog Muller11011174
Vincent Nolan101-1711-4
Lawrence Jones101-1911-2
Ian Squire101-11011-1
Graeme Turner101-1511-6
Irving Czechowicz101-1911-2
Mike Murton101-1611-5
Dorothy Lee101-11011-1
David Sanders101-1811-3
Fraya Dravern101-1711-4

Total of 18 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sat 2020-05-02David Gallagher11-Vincent Nolan
2edit Sat 2020-05-02John Horton11-Lawrence Jones
3edit Sat 2020-05-02Stuart Whittingham11-Ian Squire
4edit Sat 2020-05-02Mac Mcfadden11-Graeme Turner
5edit Sat 2020-05-02Charles Conrad11-Irving Czechowicz
6edit Sat 2020-05-02Steve Lee11-Mike Murton
7edit Sat 2020-05-02Peter Booth11-Dorothy Lee
8edit Sat 2020-05-02Anita Marholm11-David Sanders
9edit Sat 2020-05-02Stog Muller11-Fraya Dravern
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