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N E B A match results from 2020-05-31 to 2020-05-31

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Don Irving404-41536-21
Jackie Jones42203032-2
John Horton6514473215
Jamie Sutton5321382711
David Gallagher413-22831-3
Lawrence Jones42202630-4
Polidoros Lapidakis532135341
Tim Cross6422453510
Martin Barkwill413-22131-10
Mike Snowdon422033303

Total of 10 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2020-05-31Don Irving-9Jackie Jones
2edit Sun 2020-05-31Don Irving-9Jamie Sutton
3edit Sun 2020-05-31Don Irving-9John Horton
4edit Sun 2020-05-31Don Irving-9Mike Snowdon
5edit Sun 2020-05-31Jackie Jones-9Jamie Sutton
6edit Sun 2020-05-31Jackie Jones-9John Horton
7edit Sun 2020-05-31Jackie Jones9-Mike Snowdon
8edit Sun 2020-05-31John Horton-9Jamie Sutton
9edit Sun 2020-05-31Jamie Sutton-9Mike Snowdon
10edit Sun 2020-05-31John Horton9-Mike Snowdon
11edit Sun 2020-05-31David Gallagher-9Lawrence Jones
12edit Sun 2020-05-31David Gallagher9-Martin Barkwill
13edit Sun 2020-05-31David Gallagher-9Polidoros Lapidakis
14edit Sun 2020-05-31David Gallagher-9Tim Cross
15edit Sun 2020-05-31Lawrence Jones9-Martin Barkwill
16edit Sun 2020-05-31Polidoros Lapidakis9-Lawrence Jones
17edit Sun 2020-05-31Tim Cross9-Lawrence Jones
18edit Sun 2020-05-31Martin Barkwill9-Polidoros Lapidakis
19edit Sun 2020-05-31Tim Cross9-Martin Barkwill
20edit Sun 2020-05-31Polidoros Lapidakis9-Tim Cross
21edit Sun 2020-05-31John Horton9-Jamie Sutton
22edit Sun 2020-05-31Tim Cross9-Polidoros Lapidakis
23edit Sun 2020-05-31John Horton11-Tim Cross
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