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N E B A match results from 2020-07-05 to 2020-07-05

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Charles Conrad220222418
Darren Woodcock2202221012
Daniel Rovira220222814
Sarah Jolliff211017143
Lisa Hewer220222715
Anita Marholm211019154
Stuart Whittingham21101820-2
Darryl Smith211015132
Ian Squire21101215-3
Mike Waxman220222166
Andrew Lister21101314-1
Fintan O'Boyle211021210
Patrick Gebeili220222814
Warner Solomon220222175
Irving Czechowicz220222193
Steve Lee211015150
Susanne Evers21101416-2
David Gallagher211020137
Denby Pettitt211021174
Becca Bell211021183
David Dennis101-1311-8
Nicola Fitzgerald202-21022-12
Gheorghe Diaconu202-21022-12
Chris Brown101-1111-10
Dorothy Lee101-1411-7
Mike Murton202-21522-7
Lawrence Jones202-2622-16
Brenda Rosen202-2922-13
Keith Gill101-1811-3
Mark Manley101-1311-8
Stog Muller101-1511-6

Total of 31 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2020-07-05Charles Conrad11-David Dennis
2edit Sun 2020-07-05Darren Woodcock11-Nicola Fitzgerald
3edit Sun 2020-07-05Daniel Rovira11-Susanne Evers
4edit Sun 2020-07-05Sarah Jolliff11-Gheorghe Diaconu
5edit Sun 2020-07-05Lisa Hewer11-Chris Brown
6edit Sun 2020-07-05Anita Marholm11-Dorothy Lee
7edit Sun 2020-07-05Stuart Whittingham11-Mike Murton
8edit Sun 2020-07-05Darryl Smith11-Lawrence Jones
9edit Sun 2020-07-05Ian Squire11-Brenda Rosen
10edit Sun 2020-07-05Mike Waxman11-Keith Gill
11edit Sun 2020-07-05Andrew Lister11-Mark Manley
12edit Sun 2020-07-05Fintan O'Boyle11-Denby Pettitt
13edit Sun 2020-07-05Patrick Gebeili11-Steve Lee
14edit Sun 2020-07-05Warner Solomon11-Becca Bell
15edit Sun 2020-07-05Irving Czechowicz11-David Gallagher
16edit Sun 2020-07-05Irving Czechowicz11-Fintan O'Boyle
17edit Sun 2020-07-05Mike Waxman11-Anita Marholm
18edit Sun 2020-07-05Steve Lee11-Lawrence Jones
19edit Sun 2020-07-05Darren Woodcock11-Andrew Lister
20edit Sun 2020-07-05Susanne Evers11-Brenda Rosen
21edit Sun 2020-07-05David Gallagher11-Nicola Fitzgerald
22edit Sun 2020-07-05Denby Pettitt11-Mike Murton
23edit Sun 2020-07-05Warner Solomon11-Stuart Whittingham
24edit Sun 2020-07-05Lisa Hewer11-Sarah Jolliff
25edit Sun 2020-07-05Charles Conrad11-Ian Squire
26edit Sun 2020-07-05Daniel Rovira11-Stog Muller
27edit Sun 2020-07-05Becca Bell11-Gheorghe Diaconu
28edit Sun 2020-07-05Patrick Gebeili11-Darryl Smith
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