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N E B A Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1James Newman1,763.782992
2Reece Hodges1,735.364083
3Kristian Mills1,673.483212
4Darryl Smith1,672.91672
5Cato Fordham1,663.722230
6Neil Webb1,659.092106
7Charles Conrad1,651.241138
8Lawrence Jones1,646.872461
9Martyn Hamer1,645.593390
10Krzysztof Cebula1,640.352012
11Liviu Ionescu1,624.691239
12Peter Hodson1,623.053268
13Merrin Rose1,617.771705
14David Gallagher1,614.584070
15Simon Gasquoine1,606.491895
16Simon Morecroft1,602.491895
17Ian Hedges1,601.712287
18Warner Solomon1,590.445093
19Michele De Havilland1,582.002919
20Larry Irwin1,581.52195
21Mike Murton1,579.013348
22John Horton1,569.154097
23Alan Joicey1,565.325521
24Olivier De Saint Angel1,550.55499
25Robert Disney1,549.931139
26George Costea1,541.3978
27Tine Dibari1,539.69132
28Fintan O'Boyle1,539.541040
29Luca Mills1,531.941746
30Slavko Gorgiev1,527.84254
31Rikki Blythe1,527.6788
32David Tulip1,515.311807
33Maria Sereti1,493.89221
34Peter Booth1,493.411210
35Roland Archer1,486.322615
36Rubén Siñeriz Fernández1,483.75348
37Kathryn Hunter1,481.03649
38Alex Ward1,479.033137
39John Casey1,475.3439
40June Williamson1,474.751231
41Jim Casey1,471.3613
42Gregge Madan1,462.601895
43Huu-Chi Tran1,460.6877
44Steve Luke1,459.3777
45David Dennis1,447.902461
46Denby Pettitt1,443.543157
47Freeman Edwards1,433.0539
48Anandan Tanabalan1,418.51250
49Danny Gallagher1,415.80988
50Vincent Nolan1,406.131850
51Anita Marholm1,403.102416
52Karen Slawek1,395.041100
53Alan Hind1,375.40822
54Norman Hessler1,366.50728
55Stog Muller1,361.471151
56John Oxley1,354.171020
57Ian Squire1,334.111196
58Chris Humble1,333.90504
59Jackie Jones1,311.721459
60Lucy Friedman1,296.491354
61Cynthia Roberts1,281.246857
62Fraya Dravern1,269.83171
63Don Irving1,245.471594
64Susanne Evers1,078.342327

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for 2 full seasons.

Last result added on 2024-02-24.

How ratings are calculated.