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St Albans match results from 2021-02-16 to 2021-02-16

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Jon Barnes32111055
Michael Mullineux725-3619-13
Alexander Polden43121578
Sean Clennell725-3817-9
David Nathan550529029
Martin Reade2110550
Tariq Siddiqi954121165
Tom O'Connor743114113
Chris Purchase853219118
Andrew Fotiadis32111055
Simon Barget541322715
Salvador Leong2110550
Alistair Ketner101-105-5
Terry Georgiou2110550
Becca Bell431219514
John Ingamells312-1512-7
Andrew Gibson422012120
Willum Scott853217152
Marius Pugna6330911-2
Mike Ireland1165118171
Anna Price126601822-4
Simon Hopper2110550
Steve Carder202-2010-10
David Brown101-105-5
Chris Butterworth101-105-5
Eugene Pritchard202-2010-10
Annie Craig606-6020-20
Anna Parker101-105-5

Total of 28 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2021-02-16Jon Barnes5-Becca Bell
2edit Tue 2021-02-16Michael Mullineux-5Simon Hopper
3edit Tue 2021-02-16Alexander Polden5-John Ingamells
4edit Tue 2021-02-16Sean Clennell5-Steve Carder
5edit Tue 2021-02-16David Nathan5-Anna Price
6edit Tue 2021-02-16Martin Reade5-David Brown
7edit Tue 2021-02-16Tariq Siddiqi5-Willum Scott
8edit Tue 2021-02-16Tom O'Connor5-Marius Pugna
9edit Tue 2021-02-16Chris Purchase5-Chris Butterworth
10edit Tue 2021-02-16Andrew Fotiadis5-Eugene Pritchard
11edit Tue 2021-02-16Simon Barget5-Andrew Gibson
12edit Tue 2021-02-16Salvador Leong5-Mike Ireland
13edit Tue 2021-02-16Alistair Ketner-5Jon Barnes
14edit Tue 2021-02-16Alexander Polden5-Simon Hopper
15edit Tue 2021-02-16Terry Georgiou5-Sean Clennell
16edit Tue 2021-02-16David Nathan5-Martin Reade
17edit Tue 2021-02-16Tariq Siddiqi5-Annie Craig
18edit Tue 2021-02-16Chris Purchase5-Tom O'Connor
19edit Tue 2021-02-16Andrew Fotiadis5-Anna Parker
20edit Tue 2021-02-16Simon Barget5-Salvador Leong
21edit Tue 2021-02-16Alexander Polden5-Jon Barnes
22edit Tue 2021-02-16David Nathan5-Terry Georgiou
23edit Tue 2021-02-16Tariq Siddiqi5-Chris Purchase
24edit Tue 2021-02-16Simon Barget5-Andrew Fotiadis
25edit Tue 2021-02-16David Nathan7-Alexander Polden
26edit Tue 2021-02-16Simon Barget7-Tariq Siddiqi
27edit Tue 2021-02-16David Nathan7-Simon Barget
28edit Tue 2021-02-16Becca Bell5-Eugene Pritchard
29edit Tue 2021-02-16John Ingamells5-Michael Mullineux
30edit Tue 2021-02-16Andrew Gibson5-Anna Price
31edit Tue 2021-02-16Willum Scott5-Steve Carder
32edit Tue 2021-02-16Becca Bell7-John Ingamells
33edit Tue 2021-02-16Andrew Gibson7-Willum Scott
34edit Tue 2021-02-16Becca Bell7-Andrew Gibson
35edit Tue 2021-02-16Marius Pugna3-Annie Craig
36edit Tue 2021-02-16Mike Ireland3-Tom O'Connor
37edit Tue 2021-02-16Anna Price3-Sean Clennell
38edit Tue 2021-02-16Anna Price3-Tom O'Connor
39edit Tue 2021-02-16Sean Clennell3-Annie Craig
40edit Tue 2021-02-16Marius Pugna3-Mike Ireland
41edit Tue 2021-02-16Tom O'Connor3-Sean Clennell
42edit Tue 2021-02-16Anna Price3-Marius Pugna
43edit Tue 2021-02-16Mike Ireland3-Annie Craig
44edit Tue 2021-02-16Mike Ireland3-Anna Price
45edit Tue 2021-02-16Marius Pugna3-Sean Clennell
46edit Tue 2021-02-16Tom O'Connor3-Annie Craig
47edit Tue 2021-02-16Mike Ireland3-Sean Clennell
48edit Tue 2021-02-16Anna Price3-Annie Craig
49edit Tue 2021-02-16Tom O'Connor3-Marius Pugna
50edit Tue 2021-02-16Chris Purchase3-Anna Price
51edit Tue 2021-02-16Michael Mullineux3-Mike Ireland
52edit Tue 2021-02-16Willum Scott3-Tariq Siddiqi
53edit Tue 2021-02-16Mike Ireland3-Tariq Siddiqi
54edit Tue 2021-02-16Willum Scott3-Anna Price
55edit Tue 2021-02-16Chris Purchase3-Michael Mullineux
56edit Tue 2021-02-16Willum Scott3-Mike Ireland
57edit Tue 2021-02-16Tariq Siddiqi3-Chris Purchase
58edit Tue 2021-02-16Michael Mullineux3-Anna Price
59edit Tue 2021-02-16Tariq Siddiqi3-Michael Mullineux
60edit Tue 2021-02-16Chris Purchase3-Willum Scott
61edit Tue 2021-02-16Anna Price3-Mike Ireland
62edit Tue 2021-02-16Willum Scott3-Michael Mullineux
63edit Tue 2021-02-16Anna Price3-Tariq Siddiqi
64edit Tue 2021-02-16Mike Ireland3-Chris Purchase
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