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St Albans match results from 2021-03-09 to 2021-03-09

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Andrew Fotiadis43121578
Willum Scott853219118
Simon Hopper2110550
Emad Salib32111055
David Nathan550529029
Anna Parker2110550
Salvador Leong2110550
Terry Georgiou541322715
Jon Barnes32111055
Eugene Pritchard2110550
Martin Reade43121578
Alexander Polden2110550
Steve Carder431219514
Tariq Siddiqi835-21121-10
Mike Ireland422012120
Annie Craig84401418-4
Anna Price64221284
Michael Mullineux725-3619-13
Chris Purchase615-4317-14
Alistair Ketner202-2010-10
Jysen Quah101-105-5
Becca Bell202-2010-10
John Ingamells202-2010-10
Tom O'Connor101-105-5
Sean Clennell101-105-5
Simon Barget101-105-5
Chris Butterworth101-105-5

Total of 27 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2021-03-09Andrew Fotiadis5-Alistair Ketner
2edit Tue 2021-03-09Willum Scott5-Jysen Quah
3edit Tue 2021-03-09Simon Hopper5-Becca Bell
4edit Tue 2021-03-09Emad Salib5-John Ingamells
5edit Tue 2021-03-09David Nathan5-Tariq Siddiqi
6edit Tue 2021-03-09Anna Parker5-Mike Ireland
7edit Tue 2021-03-09Salvador Leong5-Tom O'Connor
8edit Tue 2021-03-09Terry Georgiou5-Michael Mullineux
9edit Tue 2021-03-09Jon Barnes5-Steve Carder
10edit Tue 2021-03-09Eugene Pritchard5-Annie Craig
11edit Tue 2021-03-09Martin Reade5-Sean Clennell
12edit Tue 2021-03-09Andrew Fotiadis5-Anna Price
13edit Tue 2021-03-09Willum Scott5-Simon Hopper
14edit Tue 2021-03-09Emad Salib5-Simon Barget
15edit Tue 2021-03-09David Nathan5-Chris Purchase
16edit Tue 2021-03-09Alexander Polden5-Anna Parker
17edit Tue 2021-03-09Terry Georgiou5-Salvador Leong
18edit Tue 2021-03-09Jon Barnes5-Chris Butterworth
19edit Tue 2021-03-09Martin Reade5-Eugene Pritchard
20edit Tue 2021-03-09Andrew Fotiadis5-Willum Scott
21edit Tue 2021-03-09David Nathan5-Emad Salib
22edit Tue 2021-03-09Terry Georgiou5-Alexander Polden
23edit Tue 2021-03-09Martin Reade5-Jon Barnes
24edit Tue 2021-03-09David Nathan7-Andrew Fotiadis
25edit Tue 2021-03-09Terry Georgiou7-Martin Reade
26edit Tue 2021-03-09David Nathan7-Terry Georgiou
27edit Tue 2021-03-09Steve Carder5-John Ingamells
28edit Tue 2021-03-09Tariq Siddiqi5-Becca Bell
29edit Tue 2021-03-09Mike Ireland5-Alistair Ketner
30edit Tue 2021-03-09Annie Craig5-Michael Mullineux
31edit Tue 2021-03-09Steve Carder7-Tariq Siddiqi
32edit Tue 2021-03-09Mike Ireland7-Annie Craig
33edit Tue 2021-03-09Steve Carder7-Mike Ireland
34edit Tue 2021-03-09Annie Craig3-Chris Purchase
35edit Tue 2021-03-09Willum Scott3-Tariq Siddiqi
36edit Tue 2021-03-09Anna Price3-Michael Mullineux
37edit Tue 2021-03-09Anna Price3-Tariq Siddiqi
38edit Tue 2021-03-09Michael Mullineux3-Annie Craig
39edit Tue 2021-03-09Willum Scott3-Chris Purchase
40edit Tue 2021-03-09Tariq Siddiqi3-Michael Mullineux
41edit Tue 2021-03-09Anna Price3-Chris Purchase
42edit Tue 2021-03-09Annie Craig3-Willum Scott
43edit Tue 2021-03-09Willum Scott3-Anna Price
44edit Tue 2021-03-09Chris Purchase3-Michael Mullineux
45edit Tue 2021-03-09Annie Craig3-Tariq Siddiqi
46edit Tue 2021-03-09Michael Mullineux3-Willum Scott
47edit Tue 2021-03-09Anna Price3-Annie Craig
48edit Tue 2021-03-09Tariq Siddiqi3-Chris Purchase
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