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UKBGF match results from 2021-01-24 to 2021-01-24

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Nick Baker101-1011-11
Neculai Axinte101-1511-6
Mat Lopez101-1611-5
Christoph Deiter21101719-2
Linda Taylor101-1011-11
Denis Mikhaylov101-1911-2
Neil Taylor101-1911-2
David Lazarus101-1011-11
Jim Smart101-1811-3
Anna Parker101-1711-4
Ann Pocknell101-1011-11
Lucy Friedman101-1311-8
Emad Salib11011165
Mike Michaels101-1811-3
Barry Gittleman101-1011-11
Mike Shewry110111011
Mehmet Ismail110111011
Dorothy Lee11011147
Mark Dixon202-21022-12
Stuart Whittingham110111011
Billy Williamson11011192
Sean Casey11011192
Irving Czechowicz101-1211-9
Sion Edwards101-1711-4
Reinhold Drugowitsch110111011
Seán Jones110111011
Afshin Foulad101-1511-6
Roger Salmon211018162
Anna Price101-1811-3
Richard McQuillan11011174
Rhodi Ramsay101-1211-9
Bill Markham101-1011-11
Steve O'Connor11011138
Michihito Kageyama110111011
Richard Furborough11011156
Steen Oernvig11011165
Peter Hodson11011165
David Tulip110111011
Thomas Breheny11011192
Keith Gill220222175
Kristian Mills110111011
Dave Pritchard11011174
Cecilia Rogers110111011
Maurice Ekpenyong11011138
David Nathan101-1611-5
Jesper Carlsson110111011
Peter Christmas101-1011-11
Graeme Turner101-1011-11
Justin Rose101-1411-7
David Gallagher110111101
Shelley St James101-1011-11
Dominic Murgia101-1911-2
Matthew Fisher101-1911-2
Cato Fordham11011129
Andrew Lister11011174
Steve Bibby101-1011-11
James Newman11011174
John Horton11011183
Crispin Duke101-1711-4
George Madgwick11011129
Doug Simon110111011
Tom Norman101-1311-8

Total of 62 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2021-01-24Nick Baker-11Michihito KageyamaTournament (R1)
2edit Sun 2021-01-24Neculai Axinte511Richard FurboroughInternal league
3edit Sun 2021-01-24Mat Lopez611Steen OernvigInternal league
4edit Sun 2021-01-24Christoph Deiter611Peter HodsonInternal league
5edit Sun 2021-01-24Linda Taylor011David TulipInternal league
6edit Sun 2021-01-24Denis Mikhaylov911Thomas BrehenyInternal league
7edit Sun 2021-01-24Neil Taylor911Keith GillInternal league
8edit Sun 2021-01-24David Lazarus-11Kristian MillsTournament (R2)
9edit Sun 2021-01-24Jim Smart811Keith GillInternal league
10edit Sun 2021-01-24Bill Markham011Doug SimonInternal league
11edit Sun 2021-01-24Anna Parker711Dave PritchardInternal league
12edit Sun 2021-01-24Ann Pocknell-11Cecilia RogersTournament (R1)
13edit Sun 2021-01-24Lucy Friedman311Maurice EkpenyongInternal league
14edit Sun 2021-01-24Emad Salib116David NathanInternal league
15edit Sun 2021-01-24Mike Michaels811Christoph DeiterInternal league
16edit Sun 2021-01-24Barry Gittleman-11Jesper CarlssonTournament (R1)
17edit Sun 2021-01-24Mike Shewry11-Peter ChristmasTournament (R1)
18edit Sun 2021-01-24Mehmet Ismail11-Graeme TurnerTournament (R1)
19edit Sun 2021-01-24Dorothy Lee114Justin RoseInternal league
20edit Sun 2021-01-24Mark Dixon1011David GallagherInternal league
21edit Sun 2021-01-24Stuart Whittingham11-Shelley St JamesTournament (R1)
22edit Sun 2021-01-24Billy Williamson119Dominic MurgiaInternal league
23edit Sun 2021-01-24Sean Casey119Matthew FisherInternal league
24edit Sun 2021-01-24Irving Czechowicz211Cato FordhamInternal league
25edit Sun 2021-01-24Sion Edwards711Andrew ListerInternal league
26edit Sun 2021-01-24Steve O'Connor113Tom NormanInternal league
27edit Sun 2021-01-24Reinhold Drugowitsch11-Steve BibbyTournament (R2)
28edit Sun 2021-01-24Seán Jones11-Mark DixonTournament (R1)
29edit Sun 2021-01-24Afshin Foulad511Roger SalmonInternal league
30edit Sun 2021-01-24Roger Salmon711James NewmanInternal league
31edit Sun 2021-01-24Rhodi Ramsay211George MadgwickInternal league
32edit Sun 2021-01-24Anna Price811John HortonInternal league
33edit Sun 2021-01-24Richard McQuillan117Crispin DukeInternal league
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