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UKBGF match results from 2021-02-10 to 2021-02-10

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Rosalie Johnson110111011
Sion Edwards11011156
Andrew Hunter101-11011-1
Simon Morecroft101-1211-9
Rosemary Whitehouse101-1911-2
Tiberiu Bostan101-1511-6
Steve Carder11011156
Simon Barget110111011
Dave Pritchard101-1011-11
Luca Mills101-1511-6
Paolo Barone11011174
Paul Plumptre101-1011-11
Joerg Raabe110111110
Alan Hind101-1411-7
Yuri Chesses101-1511-6
Romolo Mudu11011183
Crispin Duke110111011
Alistair Ketner11011147
Alex Ellerington11011192
Richard McQuillan101-1811-3
Lucy Winslow110111101
Michail Proukakis11011183
Mat Lopez101-1411-7
Damien Ricaud101-1011-11
Hugh Shand101-1511-6
James T Slomkoski220222157
Lawrence Powell11011129
Jamie Evans11011192
Anna Parker11011156
Martin Reade101-1511-6
Ian Tarr101-1011-11
Andrew Tucker-Peake110111011
Roger Phillips101-1711-4
Michael Petrakas110111011
Garry Jones101-1111-10
Alex Ward11011147
Evan Williams11011156
Andrew Fotiadis101-1811-3
Peter Booth101-1011-11
Jerry White101-1411-7
Danny Gallagher101-1911-2
Ann Pocknell11011183
Harry Petrakas101-11011-1
Doug Simon101-1811-3
Ahmed Sayed11011147

Total of 45 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2021-02-10Michail Proukakis118Doug SimonInternal league
2edit Wed 2021-02-10Sion Edwards115Hugh ShandInternal league
3edit Wed 2021-02-10Andrew Hunter1011James T SlomkoskiInternal league
4edit Wed 2021-02-10Mat Lopez411Ahmed SayedInternal league
5edit Wed 2021-02-10Simon Morecroft211Lawrence PowellInternal league
6edit Wed 2021-02-10Rosemary Whitehouse911Jamie EvansInternal league
7edit Wed 2021-02-10Tiberiu Bostan511Anna ParkerInternal league
8edit Wed 2021-02-10Steve Carder115Martin ReadeInternal league
9edit Wed 2021-02-10Simon Barget11-Ian TarrTournament (R1)
10edit Wed 2021-02-10Dave Pritchard-11Andrew Tucker-PeakeTournament (R2)
11edit Wed 2021-02-10Luca Mills511James T SlomkoskiInternal league
12edit Wed 2021-02-10Paolo Barone117Roger PhillipsInternal league
13edit Wed 2021-02-10Paul Plumptre-11Michael PetrakasTournament (R2)
14edit Wed 2021-02-10Joerg Raabe111Garry JonesInternal league
15edit Wed 2021-02-10Alan Hind411Alex WardInternal league
16edit Wed 2021-02-10Yuri Chesses511Evan WilliamsInternal league
17edit Wed 2021-02-10Romolo Mudu118Andrew FotiadisInternal league
18edit Wed 2021-02-10Crispin Duke11-Peter BoothTournament (R2)
19edit Wed 2021-02-10Alistair Ketner114Jerry WhiteInternal league
20edit Wed 2021-02-10Alex Ellerington119Danny GallagherInternal league
21edit Wed 2021-02-10Richard McQuillan811Ann PocknellInternal league
22edit Wed 2021-02-10Lucy Winslow1110Harry PetrakasInternal league
23edit Wed 2021-02-10Rosalie Johnson11-Damien RicaudTournament (R2)
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