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UKBGF match results from 2021-02-24 to 2021-02-24

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
George Madgwick101-1011-11
Simon Fyfe101-1011-11
Ahmed Sayed101-1011-11
James Newman101-1011-11
Keith Gill101-1211-9
Jesper Carlsson101-1011-11
Susanne Evers101-1311-8
Peter Booth101-1211-9
Neil Shotton101-1211-9
Dean Cartwright101-11011-1
Tim Line110111011
Norman Hessler110111011
Anita Marholm110111011
Cecilia Rogers110111011
Maxim McDonald11011129
Chris Humble110111011
Rosalie Johnson11011138
Daan Posthuma11011129
Vincent Nolan11011129
Zoe Black110111101

Total of 20 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2021-02-24Simon Fyfe-11Norman HesslerTournament (R1)
2edit Wed 2021-02-24Neil Shotton211Vincent NolanInternal league
3edit Wed 2021-02-24Ahmed Sayed-11Anita MarholmTournament (R2)
4edit Wed 2021-02-24Dean Cartwright1011Zoe BlackInternal league
5edit Wed 2021-02-24James Newman-11Cecilia RogersTournament (R3)
6edit Wed 2021-02-24Keith Gill211Maxim McDonaldInternal league
7edit Wed 2021-02-24Jesper Carlsson-11Chris HumbleTournament (R2)
8edit Wed 2021-02-24Susanne Evers311Rosalie JohnsonInternal league
9edit Wed 2021-02-24Peter Booth211Daan PosthumaInternal league
10edit Wed 2021-02-24George Madgwick-11Tim LineTournament (R3)
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