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UKBGF match results from 2021-03-03 to 2021-03-03

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Richard Munslow101-1111-10
Chris Bray11011174
Norman Hessler110111011
Charles Pickard11011138
Vincent Nolan110111110
Ricky Forleo101-1011-11
Cato Fordham11011174
Susanne Evers101-1011-11
Roni Sofroniou110111011
Phil Tutchings101-1211-9
Sean Clennell110111011
Ann Pocknell11011165
Julian Fetterlein110111110
Stuart Mann101-1711-4
Becca Bell101-1011-11
Ann Maher101-1311-8
Philippe Gerard101-1111-10
Nils Figenschou110111011
Peter Hodson101-1711-4
Martin Chadwick110111011
Neil Webb101-1011-11
Evan Williams11011129
Andrew Darby101-1011-11
Arthur Thurgood101-1611-5

Total of 24 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2021-03-03Richard Munslow111Julian FetterleinInternal league
2edit Wed 2021-03-03Chris Bray117Stuart MannInternal league
3edit Wed 2021-03-03Norman Hessler11-Becca BellTournament (R2)
4edit Wed 2021-03-03Charles Pickard113Ann MaherInternal league
5edit Wed 2021-03-03Vincent Nolan111Philippe GerardInternal league
6edit Wed 2021-03-03Ricky Forleo-11Nils FigenschouTournament (R2)
7edit Wed 2021-03-03Cato Fordham117Peter HodsonInternal league
8edit Wed 2021-03-03Susanne Evers-11Martin ChadwickTournament (R2)
9edit Wed 2021-03-03Roni Sofroniou11-Neil WebbTournament (R2)
10edit Wed 2021-03-03Phil Tutchings211Evan WilliamsInternal league
11edit Wed 2021-03-03Sean Clennell11-Andrew DarbyTournament (R2)
12edit Wed 2021-03-03Ann Pocknell116Arthur ThurgoodInternal league
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