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UKBGF match results from 2021-03-06 to 2021-03-06

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Adrian Farthing101-1011-11
Seán Jones101-1011-11
Christoph Deiter110111011
Simon Fyfe101-1711-4
Peter Snape11011174
Phil Tutchings110111011
Jason Champion11011192
Jon Barnes110111011
Lawrence Powell110111011
Astrid Phillips101-1811-3
Roland Archer110111011
Michihito Kageyama110111011
Steve O'Connor101-1011-11
Hazel Harper21101118-7
Cecilia Rogers101-1711-4
Richard Philip101-1011-11
David Potter101-1911-2
Daan Posthuma101-1011-11
Rosalie Johnson11011183

Total of 19 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sat 2021-03-06Adrian Farthing-11Roland ArcherTournament (R2)
2edit Sat 2021-03-06Seán Jones-11Michihito KageyamaTournament (R2)
3edit Sat 2021-03-06Christoph Deiter11-Steve O'ConnorTournament (R2)
4edit Sat 2021-03-06Simon Fyfe711Hazel HarperInternal league
5edit Sat 2021-03-06Peter Snape117Cecilia RogersInternal league
6edit Sat 2021-03-06Phil Tutchings11-Richard PhilipTournament (R2)
7edit Sat 2021-03-06Jason Champion119David PotterInternal league
8edit Sat 2021-03-06Jon Barnes11-Daan PosthumaTournament (R3)
9edit Sat 2021-03-06Lawrence Powell11-Hazel HarperTournament (R2)
10edit Sat 2021-03-06Astrid Phillips811Rosalie JohnsonInternal league
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