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UKBGF match results from 2021-04-06 to 2021-04-06

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Emad Salib101-1111-10
Ronald Havenhand11011192
Michihito Kageyama110111011
Beáta Kiss101-1511-6
Neculai Axinte110111011
Alexandru Pascu11011192
Lawrence Powell110111101
Paolo Barone110111011
Stephen Slade11011192
Colin Burrows110111011
Janette Hodgkinson101-1011-11
Nigel Hamill11011192
Steve Bibby110111110
Martin Craig101-1911-2
Peter Snape101-1011-11
Jonathan O'Grady11011156
Vicky Carne101-1011-11
Gary Fisher101-1911-2
Peter Christmas101-11011-1
Andrew Fotiadis101-1011-11
Paul Smart101-1911-2
Neil Taylor101-1011-11
Brenda Rosen110111011
Marius Marin101-1911-2

Total of 24 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2021-04-06Emad Salib111Steve BibbyInternal league
2edit Tue 2021-04-06Ronald Havenhand119Martin CraigInternal league
3edit Tue 2021-04-06Michihito Kageyama11-Peter SnapeTournament (R3)
4edit Tue 2021-04-06Beáta Kiss511Jonathan O'GradyInternal league
5edit Tue 2021-04-06Neculai Axinte11-Vicky CarneTournament (R3)
6edit Tue 2021-04-06Alexandru Pascu119Gary FisherInternal league
7edit Tue 2021-04-06Lawrence Powell1110Peter ChristmasInternal league
8edit Tue 2021-04-06Paolo Barone11-Andrew FotiadisTournament (R3)
9edit Tue 2021-04-06Stephen Slade119Paul SmartInternal league
10edit Tue 2021-04-06Colin Burrows11-Neil TaylorTournament (R3)
11edit Tue 2021-04-06Janette Hodgkinson011Brenda RosenInternal league
12edit Tue 2021-04-06Nigel Hamill119Marius MarinInternal league
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