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UKBGF match results from 2021-04-17 to 2021-04-17

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Dorothy Lee101-1111-10
Richard Philip11011156
Jacques Wehli21101819-1
Becca Sweetman211021174
Janette Hodgkinson101-1911-2
Ken Gibson11011174
Dave Clifton101-1411-7
Steve Pickard11011165
Simon Barget101-1011-11
George Jacobs202-21222-10
Mutlu Ustun220222814
Lewis Potter110111110
Colin Whiers101-1511-6
Richard Wesley11011174
Reece McLean110111101
Alan Hind11011192
Cecilia Rogers101-1711-4
Cristian Cozoș11011147
David Rigby101-1611-5
Brian Lever110111011
Beat Zaugg101-1811-3
Tad Collins11011147
Gary Madgwick101-1611-5
Joerg Raabe101-1211-9
Julian Clark101-1611-5
Sean Clennell11011183

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sat 2021-04-17Dorothy Lee111Lewis PotterInternal league
2edit Sat 2021-04-17Richard Philip115Colin WhiersInternal league
3edit Sat 2021-04-17Jacques Wehli711Richard WesleyInternal league
4edit Sat 2021-04-17Becca Sweetman1011Reece McLeanInternal league
5edit Sat 2021-04-17Janette Hodgkinson911Alan HindInternal league
6edit Sat 2021-04-17Ken Gibson117Cecilia RogersInternal league
7edit Sat 2021-04-17Dave Clifton411Cristian CozoșInternal league
8edit Sat 2021-04-17Steve Pickard116David RigbyInternal league
9edit Sat 2021-04-17Simon Barget-11Brian LeverTournament (R3)
10edit Sat 2021-04-17Jacques Wehli118Beat ZauggInternal league
11edit Sat 2021-04-17George Jacobs411Tad CollinsInternal league
12edit Sat 2021-04-17Becca Sweetman116Gary MadgwickInternal league
13edit Sat 2021-04-17Mutlu Ustun112Joerg RaabeInternal league
14edit Sat 2021-04-17Mutlu Ustun116Julian ClarkInternal league
15edit Sat 2021-04-17George Jacobs811Sean ClennellInternal league
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