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UKBGF match results from 2021-05-03 to 2021-05-03

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Simon Fyfe101-1811-3
Steve Carder101-1411-7
Aref Alipour11011165
Cecilia Rogers101-1011-11
Jacques Wehli11011165
Andrew Selby101-1911-2
David Curtis11011174
Stephen Slade101-1811-3
Daan Posthuma101-1711-4
Honza Cerny11011129
Cat Bucur101-1411-7
Andrew Tucker-Peake101-1011-11
Billy Williamson101-1911-2
Peter Falter11011129
Nick Baker11011183
Charles Hill11011147
David Potter101-1611-5
Matt Ellison110111011
Jeff Bale202-2822-14
Danny De Meester11011192
Alan Joicey101-1711-4
Chris Gibbins11011183
Vicky Carne11011174
Simon Carter11011147
Ken Gibson110111011
Roger Salmon11011192
Ronald Havenhand101-1211-9

Total of 27 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2021-05-03Simon Fyfe811Nick BakerInternal league
2edit Mon 2021-05-03Steve Carder411Charles HillInternal league
3edit Mon 2021-05-03Aref Alipour116David PotterInternal league
4edit Mon 2021-05-03Cecilia Rogers-11Matt EllisonTournament (R4)
5edit Mon 2021-05-03Peter Falter112Ronald HavenhandInternal league
6edit Mon 2021-05-03Jacques Wehli116Jeff BaleInternal league
7edit Mon 2021-05-03Billy Williamson911Roger SalmonInternal league
8edit Mon 2021-05-03Andrew Selby911Danny De MeesterInternal league
9edit Mon 2021-05-03David Curtis117Alan JoiceyInternal league
10edit Mon 2021-05-03Stephen Slade811Chris GibbinsInternal league
11edit Mon 2021-05-03Daan Posthuma711Vicky CarneInternal league
12edit Mon 2021-05-03Honza Cerny112Jeff BaleInternal league
13edit Mon 2021-05-03Cat Bucur411Simon CarterInternal league
14edit Mon 2021-05-03Andrew Tucker-Peake-11Ken GibsonTournament (R4)
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