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UKBGF match results from 2021-05-08 to 2021-05-08

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Colin Burrows101-1011-11
Anna Parker110111011
Steve O'Connor101-1511-6
Michael Hewson101-1311-8
Chris Humble101-1111-10
Alexandru Pascu101-1411-7
Linda Taylor11011192
John Horton101-1011-11
Gary Fisher11011174
Andrew Lister11011129
Ben Owen11011156
Jesper Carlsson11011156
Paolo Barone110111011
Eric Maillebiau101-1011-11
Neil Shotton11011156
Shaun Herd11011138
CJ Uttley110111110
Rachel Rhodes211018153
Annie Craig101-1911-2
Farzin Aarabi110111011
Reinhold Drugowitsch101-1211-9
Roger Salmon202-21022-12

Total of 22 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sat 2021-05-08Colin Burrows-11Paolo BaroneTournament (R4)
2edit Sat 2021-05-08Anna Parker11-Eric MaillebiauTournament (R4)
3edit Sat 2021-05-08Steve O'Connor511Neil ShottonInternal league
4edit Sat 2021-05-08Michael Hewson311Shaun HerdInternal league
5edit Sat 2021-05-08Jesper Carlsson115Roger SalmonInternal league
6edit Sat 2021-05-08Chris Humble111CJ UttleyInternal league
7edit Sat 2021-05-08Alexandru Pascu411Rachel RhodesInternal league
8edit Sat 2021-05-08Linda Taylor119Annie CraigInternal league
9edit Sat 2021-05-08John Horton011Farzin AarabiInternal league
10edit Sat 2021-05-08Gary Fisher117Rachel RhodesInternal league
11edit Sat 2021-05-08Andrew Lister112Reinhold DrugowitschInternal league
12edit Sat 2021-05-08Ben Owen115Roger SalmonInternal league
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