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UKBGF match results from 2021-06-07 to 2021-06-07

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Paolo Barone101-1711-4
Peter Snape11011174
John McNeill11011147
Darren Woodcock110111011
Vincent Nolan101-1311-8
Jacques Wehli101-1911-2
Jason Champion101-1011-11
Adrian Farthing11011165
Simon K Jones11011192
Susan Ellerby101-1711-4
Peter Stevens11011183
Tapio Palmroth101-1811-3
James Ramsey11011138
Dan Pascu11011174
Alexander Polden101-1711-4
Evan Williams101-1411-7
David Phillips101-1011-11
Christoph Deiter11011138
Andy Brown11011192
Ken Gibson110111011
Becca Bell101-1611-5
Kevin Jones101-1911-2
Reece Hodges11011174
Daniel Molan101-1811-3
Tom Norman11011183
Rhodi Ramsay101-1311-8

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2021-06-07Paolo Barone711Dan PascuInternal league
2edit Mon 2021-06-07Peter Snape117Alexander PoldenInternal league
3edit Mon 2021-06-07John McNeill114Evan WilliamsInternal league
4edit Mon 2021-06-07Darren Woodcock110David PhillipsInternal league
5edit Mon 2021-06-07Vincent Nolan311Christoph DeiterInternal league
6edit Mon 2021-06-07Jacques Wehli911Andy BrownInternal league
7edit Mon 2021-06-07Jason Champion-11Ken GibsonTournament (R5)
8edit Mon 2021-06-07Adrian Farthing116Becca BellInternal league
9edit Mon 2021-06-07Simon K Jones119Kevin JonesInternal league
10edit Mon 2021-06-07Susan Ellerby711Reece HodgesInternal league
11edit Mon 2021-06-07Peter Stevens118Daniel MolanInternal league
12edit Mon 2021-06-07Tapio Palmroth811Tom NormanInternal league
13edit Mon 2021-06-07James Ramsey113Rhodi RamsayInternal league
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