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UKBGF match results from 2021-06-09 to 2021-06-09

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Paul Plumptre11011156
Graeme Turner11011192
Jules Smith101-1511-6
Julian Minwalla101-11011-1
Matthew Fisher11011147
Peter Hughes101-1211-9
John McNeill101-1111-10
Danny Cohen101-1911-2
Tim Line11011174
Alan Briefel4312372017
Mehmet Ismail220222616
Roni Sofroniou202-21422-8
Steve Carder101-1511-6
Sean Cheung101-1911-2
Norman Hessler11011156
Geoff Hall110111101
Alexander Polden101-1411-7
Denby Pettitt11011129
Simon Gasquoine110111110
Chris J Rogers11011192
Anna Parker101-1711-4
Adrian Farthing202-2322-19
Stuart Whittingham11011183
Becca Bell101-1211-9

Total of 24 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2021-06-09Paul Plumptre115Steve CarderInternal league
2edit Wed 2021-06-09Graeme Turner119Sean CheungInternal league
3edit Wed 2021-06-09Jules Smith511Norman HesslerInternal league
4edit Wed 2021-06-09Julian Minwalla1011Geoff HallInternal league
5edit Wed 2021-06-09Matthew Fisher114Alexander PoldenInternal league
6edit Wed 2021-06-09Peter Hughes211Denby PettittInternal league
7edit Wed 2021-06-09John McNeill111Simon GasquoineInternal league
8edit Wed 2021-06-09Danny Cohen911Chris J RogersInternal league
9edit Wed 2021-06-09Tim Line117Anna ParkerInternal league
10edit Wed 2021-06-09Alan Briefel111Adrian FarthingInternal league
11edit Wed 2021-06-09Mehmet Ismail112Adrian FarthingInternal league
12edit Wed 2021-06-09Roni Sofroniou811Stuart WhittinghamInternal league
13edit Wed 2021-06-09Alan Briefel112Becca BellInternal league
14edit Wed 2021-06-09Mehmet Ismail114Alan BriefelInternal league
15edit Wed 2021-06-09Roni Sofroniou611Alan BriefelInternal league
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