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UKBGF match results from 2021-08-04 to 2021-08-04

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Larry Smyth11011183
Charles Hill11011165
Cristian Cozoș11011174
Brenda Rosen101-1811-3
James T Slomkoski101-1611-5
James Newman11011156
Dave Clifton101-1811-3
Dan Rovira101-1611-5
Julia Hayward202-21222-10
Merrin Rose11011183
Jonathan O'Grady11011165

Total of 11 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2021-08-04Larry Smyth118Dave CliftonInternal league
2edit Wed 2021-08-04Charles Hill116Dan RoviraInternal league
3edit Wed 2021-08-04James Newman115Julia HaywardInternal league
4edit Wed 2021-08-04Cristian Cozoș117Julia HaywardInternal league
5edit Wed 2021-08-04Brenda Rosen811Merrin RoseInternal league
6edit Wed 2021-08-04James T Slomkoski611Jonathan O'GradyInternal league
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