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UKBGF match results from 2021-11-15 to 2021-11-15

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Ben Owen21101920-1
Ian Squire101-1211-9
Chris Bray21101820-2
Gary Madgwick101-11011-1
Fabricio Cardoso11011147
John Gallagher11011174
Honza Cerny110111110
Paul Goldstein11011174
Simon Tracy11011183
Peter Booth101-1411-7
Cato Fordham11011183
Warner Solomon11011129
Andrew Fotiadis101-1911-2
Jo Bell110111101
Gerald Whitehouse101-1411-7
Tom O'Connor101-1911-2
Peter Frost101-1111-10
Damien Ricaud101-1711-4
Christian Denereaz101-1811-3
Neil Clarke11011147

Total of 20 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2021-11-15Ben Owen811Cato FordhamInternal league
2edit Mon 2021-11-15Ian Squire211Warner SolomonInternal league
3edit Mon 2021-11-15Chris Bray119Andrew FotiadisInternal league
4edit Mon 2021-11-15Gary Madgwick1011Jo BellInternal league
5edit Mon 2021-11-15Fabricio Cardoso114Gerald WhitehouseInternal league
6edit Mon 2021-11-15John Gallagher117Chris BrayInternal league
7edit Mon 2021-11-15Ben Owen119Tom O'ConnorInternal league
8edit Mon 2021-11-15Honza Cerny111Peter FrostInternal league
9edit Mon 2021-11-15Paul Goldstein117Damien RicaudInternal league
10edit Mon 2021-11-15Simon Tracy118Christian DenereazInternal league
11edit Mon 2021-11-15Peter Booth411Neil ClarkeInternal league
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