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UKBGF match results from 2022-01-27 to 2022-01-27

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
June Williamson101-1011-11
Andrew Fotiadis101-1411-7
Shaun Herd101-1611-5
Crispin Duke101-1011-11
Richard Halvorsen101-1011-11
Thomas Breheny101-1511-6
Becca Sweetman11011138
Marius Marin101-1811-3
Ronald Havenhand11011174
Martyn Hamer11011183
Paul Statter110111011
Simon Barget11011147
Sarah Jolliff11011165
Peter Snape110111011
Danny Gallagher110111011
Adrian Farthing11011156
Steve Taylor101-1311-8
Neil Clarke11011183
Mitch Connolly101-1711-4
Becca Bell101-1811-3

Total of 20 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2022-01-27Andrew Fotiadis411Simon BargetInternal league
2edit Thu 2022-01-27Shaun Herd611Sarah JolliffInternal league
3edit Thu 2022-01-27Crispin Duke-11Peter SnapeTournament (R1)
4edit Thu 2022-01-27Richard Halvorsen-11Danny GallagherTournament (R1)
5edit Thu 2022-01-27Thomas Breheny511Adrian FarthingInternal league
6edit Thu 2022-01-27Becca Sweetman113Steve TaylorInternal league
7edit Thu 2022-01-27Marius Marin811Neil ClarkeInternal league
8edit Thu 2022-01-27Ronald Havenhand117Mitch ConnollyInternal league
9edit Thu 2022-01-27Martyn Hamer118Becca BellInternal league
10edit Thu 2022-01-27June Williamson-11Paul StatterTournament (R1)
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