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UKBGF match results from 2022-02-09 to 2022-02-09

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Peter Bennet110111011
Mahmoud Jahanbani11011192
Nick Close101-1011-11
Mat Lopez11011174
Maurice Ekpenyong110111011
Tom Thorpe21101114-3
Sam Green110111011
Andrew Darby101-1411-7
Sean Clennell101-1011-11
Anna Price101-1811-3
Neil Foston110111011
Aref Alipour11011192
Fabricio Cardoso110111011
Denby Pettitt101-11011-1
Andrew Lister101-1011-11
Kevin Bailey101-1911-2
Jamie Evans211014113
Katharine McMaster101-1711-4
Stephen Booth101-1011-11
Gary Fisher101-1011-11
Sean Casey11011147
Stuart Whittingham110111011
Maxim McDonald11011183
Danny Gallagher101-1011-11
Harry Petrakas110111011
Steve Bibby101-1911-2
Felix Ziegler101-1011-11
Sion Edwards110111101

Total of 28 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2022-02-09Denby Pettitt1011Sion EdwardsInternal league
2edit Wed 2022-02-09Peter Bennet11-Andrew ListerTournament (R1)
3edit Wed 2022-02-09Mahmoud Jahanbani119Kevin BaileyInternal league
4edit Wed 2022-02-09Nick Close-11Jamie EvansTournament (R1)
5edit Wed 2022-02-09Mat Lopez117Katharine McMasterInternal league
6edit Wed 2022-02-09Maurice Ekpenyong11-Stephen BoothTournament (R1)
7edit Wed 2022-02-09Tom Thorpe113Jamie EvansInternal league
8edit Wed 2022-02-09Sam Green11-Gary FisherTournament (R1)
9edit Wed 2022-02-09Andrew Darby411Sean CaseyInternal league
10edit Wed 2022-02-09Sean Clennell-11Stuart WhittinghamTournament (R1)
11edit Wed 2022-02-09Anna Price811Maxim McDonaldInternal league
12edit Wed 2022-02-09Neil Foston11-Danny GallagherTournament (R2)
13edit Wed 2022-02-09Tom Thorpe-11Harry PetrakasTournament (R1)
14edit Wed 2022-02-09Aref Alipour119Steve BibbyInternal league
15edit Wed 2022-02-09Fabricio Cardoso11-Felix ZieglerTournament (R1)
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