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UKBGF match results from 2022-02-15 to 2022-02-15

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Astrid Phillips11011129
Tom Ovenall110111101
Peter Hodson110111011
Romolo Mudu101-1811-3
Mat Lopez110111011
Richard Furborough101-1811-3
Kevin Peters101-1711-4
James T Slomkoski11011192
David Dennis110111101
Sean Casey101-1911-2
Jenny Cooper101-1211-9
Julia Hayward110111101
Denis Mikhaylov11011138
Rachel Rhodes11011174
Nigel Hamill101-1211-9
Rosemary Whitehouse101-11011-1
Nicole Coleman101-1011-11
Peter Bennet11011183
Julian Clark101-1011-11
Lawrence Powell11011183
Lucy Winslow11011174
Tim Paulden101-1911-2
David Motley101-11011-1
Matthew Fisher11011192
Peter Hughes11011129
James Newman202-21722-5
Arthur Thurgood101-1311-8

Total of 27 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2022-02-15Astrid Phillips112Nigel HamillInternal league
2edit Tue 2022-02-15Tom Ovenall1110Rosemary WhitehouseInternal league
3edit Tue 2022-02-15Peter Hodson11-Nicole ColemanTournament (R2)
4edit Tue 2022-02-15Romolo Mudu811Peter BennetInternal league
5edit Tue 2022-02-15Mat Lopez110Julian ClarkInternal league
6edit Tue 2022-02-15Richard Furborough811Lawrence PowellInternal league
7edit Tue 2022-02-15Kevin Peters711Lucy WinslowInternal league
8edit Tue 2022-02-15James T Slomkoski119Tim PauldenInternal league
9edit Tue 2022-02-15David Dennis1110David MotleyInternal league
10edit Tue 2022-02-15Sean Casey911Matthew FisherInternal league
11edit Tue 2022-02-15Jenny Cooper211Peter HughesInternal league
12edit Tue 2022-02-15Julia Hayward1110James NewmanInternal league
13edit Tue 2022-02-15Denis Mikhaylov113Arthur ThurgoodInternal league
14edit Tue 2022-02-15Rachel Rhodes117James NewmanInternal league
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