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UKBGF match results from 2022-04-24 to 2022-04-24

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Dan Feeny11011129
Dan Pascu11011129
Michael Flesch110111011
Dominic Murgia101-1411-7
Nick Ray11011183
Barry Gittleman11011138
Adrian Farthing11011156
Daniil Gubarev110111011
Lucy Winslow11011165
Jeff Bale11011183
Larry Smyth101-1711-4
David Chapman110111110
Martyn Hamer312-11732-15
Nick Thorpe101-1811-3
Warner Solomon101-11011-1
Arthur Thurgood101-11011-1
Rory Pascar11011147
Andy Brown202-21022-12
Peter Falter101-1211-9
Anna Price101-1011-11
Kevin Bailey11011147
Jenny Cooper101-1811-3
Jesper Carlsson101-1311-8
Denis Mikhaylov101-1511-6
Ahmet Ozyakar101-1011-11
Kevin Peters101-1611-5
Stephen Booth11011174
Colin Bryant101-1111-10
Roger Salmon101-11011-1
David Sharp11011183
Cecilia Rogers11011129
David Dennis110111101
David Lazarus110111101

Total of 33 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2022-04-24Dan Feeny112Andy BrownInternal league
2edit Sun 2022-04-24Dan Pascu112Peter FalterInternal league
3edit Sun 2022-04-24Michael Flesch110Anna PriceInternal league
4edit Sun 2022-04-24Dominic Murgia411Kevin BaileyInternal league
5edit Sun 2022-04-24Nick Ray118Jenny CooperInternal league
6edit Sun 2022-04-24Barry Gittleman113Jesper CarlssonInternal league
7edit Sun 2022-04-24Adrian Farthing115Denis MikhaylovInternal league
8edit Sun 2022-04-24Daniil Gubarev11-Ahmet OzyakarTournament (R3)
9edit Sun 2022-04-24Lucy Winslow116Kevin PetersInternal league
10edit Sun 2022-04-24Jeff Bale118Andy BrownInternal league
11edit Sun 2022-04-24Larry Smyth711Stephen BoothInternal league
12edit Sun 2022-04-24David Chapman111Colin BryantInternal league
13edit Sun 2022-04-24Martyn Hamer1110Roger SalmonInternal league
14edit Sun 2022-04-24Nick Thorpe811David SharpInternal league
15edit Sun 2022-04-24Martyn Hamer211Cecilia RogersInternal league
16edit Sun 2022-04-24Warner Solomon1011David DennisInternal league
17edit Sun 2022-04-24Arthur Thurgood1011David LazarusInternal league
18edit Sun 2022-04-24Rory Pascar114Martyn HamerInternal league
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