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UKBGF match results from 2022-05-25 to 2022-05-25

XG analysis summary

NameOverall PRChecker PRCube PRLuckExp.DecisionsDecs/errorDecs/blunderWinLoseWin%
1Danny De Meester6.245.568.88-1.37111765.8725.14010.0
2Gaz Owen6.803.8019.99+1.37111947.1913.8610100.0

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Eric Maillebiau101-1711-4
Steve Taylor101-1011-11
Becca Bell11011129
Gaz Owen11011174
Michael Flesch101-1911-2
Jules Smith11011183
Jamie Evans101-1911-2
Hazel Harper11011192
Andrew Fotiadis11011174
Michael Mullineux110111011
Dave Clifton101-1211-9
Danny De Meester101-1711-4
Tom O'Connor11011192
Kim Medway101-1811-3
Christopher Gilmour11011192
Rufus Helm101-1911-2

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2022-05-25Eric Maillebiau711Andrew FotiadisInternal league
2edit Wed 2022-05-25Steve Taylor011Michael MullineuxInternal league
3edit Wed 2022-05-25Becca Bell112Dave CliftonInternal league
4edit Wed 2022-05-25Gaz Owen117Danny De MeesterInternal league
5edit Wed 2022-05-25Michael Flesch911Tom O'ConnorInternal league
6edit Wed 2022-05-25Jules Smith118Kim MedwayInternal league
7edit Wed 2022-05-25Jamie Evans911Christopher GilmourInternal league
8edit Wed 2022-05-25Hazel Harper119Rufus HelmInternal league
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