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UKBGF match results from 2022-05-26 to 2022-05-26

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Julia Hayward110111110
Rachel Rhodes2202221012
Sean Cheung202-21022-12
Dean Cartwright11011174
Nicole Coleman101-1411-7
David Dennis110111011
Thomas Breheny101-1711-4
George Vlachonikolis101-1211-9
Tom Ovenall11011174
Peter Falter101-1911-2
Graham Sparshott11011138
Ian Vaughan101-1011-11
Christopher Gilmour202-21222-10
Alex Ellerington101-1911-2
Gary Fisher101-1111-10
Steve Lee211020200
Justin Rose101-1711-4
Joerg Raabe11011147
Gerald Whitehouse101-1011-11
Dave Clifton11011174
Roger Phillips11011129
Andrew Hunter101-1711-4
Luca Mills11011192
Jason Masimore110111011
Henry Keane11011192
Danny Gallagher11011192

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2022-05-26Julia Hayward111Gary FisherInternal league
2edit Thu 2022-05-26Rachel Rhodes119Steve LeeInternal league
3edit Thu 2022-05-26Alex Ellerington911Danny GallagherInternal league
4edit Thu 2022-05-26Sean Cheung911Steve LeeInternal league
5edit Thu 2022-05-26Dean Cartwright117Justin RoseInternal league
6edit Thu 2022-05-26Nicole Coleman411Joerg RaabeInternal league
7edit Thu 2022-05-26Sean Cheung111Rachel RhodesInternal league
8edit Thu 2022-05-26David Dennis11-Gerald WhitehouseTournament (R4)
9edit Thu 2022-05-26Thomas Breheny711Dave CliftonInternal league
10edit Thu 2022-05-26George Vlachonikolis211Roger PhillipsInternal league
11edit Thu 2022-05-26Tom Ovenall117Andrew HunterInternal league
12edit Thu 2022-05-26Peter Falter911Luca MillsInternal league
13edit Thu 2022-05-26Graham Sparshott113Christopher GilmourInternal league
14edit Thu 2022-05-26Ian Vaughan011Jason MasimoreInternal league
15edit Thu 2022-05-26Christopher Gilmour911Henry KeaneInternal league
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