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UKBGF match results from 2022-07-20 to 2022-07-20

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Chris Brant101-11011-1
Ian Vaughan101-1411-7
Dave Pritchard101-1811-3
Jenny Cooper101-1111-10
Ahmed Sayed2202221111
Nicole Coleman110111110
Steve Carder101-1911-2
Dominic Murgia11011156
Nick Baker101-1711-4
David Frier110111011
Roger Phillips101-1311-8
Mike Murton11011192
Andrew Fotiadis101-1511-6
Steven Peers110111110
Mike Grabsky110111011
Henry Keane11011156
Rob Perry11011129
Vincent Nolan21101621-5
Mike Williams (Warwick)11011183
Nick Ray110111110
Sarah Jolliff101-1711-4
Danny Gallagher101-1111-10
Daniel Molan11011192
Alex Ellerington11011174
Christian Denereaz101-1011-11
Garry Jones11011138
Hannah Parente101-1911-2
Saravanan Sathyanandha11011156
Pamela Kiani101-1111-10
Andrew Darby101-1011-11
George Vlachonikolis101-1511-6
Neil Webb101-1211-9

Total of 32 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2022-07-20Nicole Coleman11-Danny Gallagher
2edit Wed 2022-07-20Nick Baker-11Alex Ellerington
3edit Wed 2022-07-20David Frier11-Christian Denereaz
4edit Wed 2022-07-20Roger Phillips-11Garry Jones
5edit Wed 2022-07-20Chris Brant1011Vincent NolanInternal league
6edit Wed 2022-07-20Mike Murton11-Hannah Parente
7edit Wed 2022-07-20Steven Peers11-Pamela Kiani
8edit Wed 2022-07-20Rob Perry112Neil WebbInternal league
9edit Wed 2022-07-20Henry Keane11-George Vlachonikolis
10edit Wed 2022-07-20Ian Vaughan411Ahmed SayedInternal league
11edit Wed 2022-07-20Dave Pritchard811Mike Williams (Warwick)Internal league
12edit Wed 2022-07-20Jenny Cooper-11Nick Ray
13edit Wed 2022-07-20Ahmed Sayed117Sarah JolliffInternal league
14edit Wed 2022-07-20Steve Carder911Daniel MolanInternal league
15edit Wed 2022-07-20Dominic Murgia115Vincent NolanInternal league
16edit Wed 2022-07-20Andrew Fotiadis511Saravanan SathyanandhaInternal league
17edit Wed 2022-07-20Mike Grabsky11-Andrew DarbyTournament (QF)
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