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UKBGF match results from 2022-08-04 to 2022-08-04

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
John Gallagher11011192
Dan Rovira11011138
Jacob Atie11011192
Peter Snape11011129
Tom Ovenall110111011
Nicole Coleman11011165
Mike Murton101-1611-5
Cato Fordham11011156
Dean Cartwright101-1311-8
Cat Bucur101-11011-1
Henry Keane101-11011-1
Gareth Brown11011174
Peter Bennet101-1911-2
David James Collins101-1311-8
Graham Sparshott101-1911-2
Jamie MacPherson101-1211-9
Tapio Palmroth101-1011-11
Stuart Rogers101-1611-5
Jules Smith11011165
Tom O'Connor101-1511-6
Simon Hopper11011138
Peter Christmas110111101
Garry Jones110111101
Nicolas Dechosal101-1711-4

Total of 24 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2022-08-04Jacob Atie11-Graham Sparshott
2edit Thu 2022-08-04Nicole Coleman11-Stuart Rogers
3edit Thu 2022-08-04Mike Murton-11Jules Smith
4edit Thu 2022-08-04Henry Keane-11Garry Jones
5edit Thu 2022-08-04Gareth Brown11-Nicolas Dechosal
6edit Thu 2022-08-04John Gallagher119Peter BennetInternal league
7edit Thu 2022-08-04Dan Rovira113David James CollinsInternal league
8edit Thu 2022-08-04Peter Snape112Jamie MacPhersonInternal league
9edit Thu 2022-08-04Tom Ovenall110Tapio PalmrothInternal league
10edit Thu 2022-08-04Cato Fordham115Tom O'ConnorInternal league
11edit Thu 2022-08-04Dean Cartwright311Simon HopperInternal league
12edit Thu 2022-08-04Cat Bucur1011Peter ChristmasInternal league
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