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UKBGF match results from 2023-01-18 to 2023-01-18

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Saravanan Sathyanandha101-11011-1
Bryan Pogson101-1011-11
Christopher Gilmour110111110
Peter Falter101-11011-1
Sean Casey11011165
Eric Maillebiau101-1611-5
Adrian Farthing101-1911-2
Chris J Rogers11011138
Neil Taylor101-1511-6
Neil Shotton101-1011-11
Paul Swain11011156
Jacob Atie21101119-8
Julia Hayward11011192
Paul Statter2202221012
Michihito Kageyama110111101
Geoff Hall110111011
Alistair Ketner101-1111-10
Danny Cohen101-1611-5
Peter Christmas11011165
Martyn Hamer11011192
David Gallagher101-1311-8
Alex Ward11011156
Michael Krakus110111011
Julian Clark101-1511-6
Nigel Hamill101-1811-3
Dean Cartwright101-1911-2

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2023-01-18Christopher Gilmour11-Alistair Ketner
2edit Wed 2023-01-18Peter Falter-11Paul Statter
3edit Wed 2023-01-18Neil Shotton-11Michael Krakus
4edit Wed 2023-01-18Paul Swain11-Julian Clark
5edit Wed 2023-01-18Saravanan Sathyanandha1011Michihito KageyamaInternal league
6edit Wed 2023-01-18Paul Statter11-Jacob Atie
7edit Wed 2023-01-18Bryan Pogson-11Geoff HallTournament (R1)
8edit Wed 2023-01-18Sean Casey116Danny CohenInternal league
9edit Wed 2023-01-18Eric Maillebiau611Peter ChristmasInternal league
10edit Wed 2023-01-18Adrian Farthing911Martyn HamerInternal league
11edit Wed 2023-01-18Chris J Rogers113David GallagherInternal league
12edit Wed 2023-01-18Neil Taylor511Alex WardInternal league
13edit Wed 2023-01-18Jacob Atie118Nigel HamillInternal league
14edit Wed 2023-01-18Julia Hayward119Dean CartwrightInternal league
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