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UKBGF match results from 2023-02-03 to 2023-02-03

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Rubén Siñeriz101-1011-11
Mike Williams (Warwick)101-1011-11
Rory Pascar4312402812
Martyn Hamer110111011
Steve Cant101-1011-11
Julian Fetterlein11011174
Lucy Winslow110111011
Becca Sweetman101-1511-6
Salvador Leong11011174
Susan Ellerby110111011
Danny De Meester110111011
Dave Clifton101-1011-11
Michail Proukakis101-1011-11
Paul King110111011
David Gallagher101-1711-4
John McNeill101-1011-11
Andrew Tucker-Peake11011156
Ergin Ahmet101-1711-4
Daniel Molan101-11011-1

Total of 19 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Fri 2023-02-03Rubén Siñeriz-11Susan EllerbyTournament (R1)
2edit Fri 2023-02-03Mike Williams (Warwick)-11Danny De MeesterTournament (R2)
3edit Fri 2023-02-03Rory Pascar11-Dave CliftonTournament (R1)
4edit Fri 2023-02-03Martyn Hamer11-Michail ProukakisTournament (R1)
5edit Fri 2023-02-03Steve Cant-11Paul KingTournament (R1)
6edit Fri 2023-02-03Julian Fetterlein117David GallagherInternal league
7edit Fri 2023-02-03Lucy Winslow11-John McNeillTournament (R1)
8edit Fri 2023-02-03Becca Sweetman511Andrew Tucker-PeakeInternal league
9edit Fri 2023-02-03Rory Pascar117Ergin AhmetInternal league
10edit Fri 2023-02-03Rory Pascar1110Daniel MolanInternal league
11edit Fri 2023-02-03Salvador Leong117Rory PascarInternal league
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