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UKBGF match results from 2023-02-10 to 2023-02-10

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Mitch Connolly110111011
Matthew Fisher11011183
Richard Philip101-1011-11
Julian Minwalla11011183
Richard Wesley101-1311-8
Stephen Booth101-1611-5
Paolo Barone101-1011-11
Steve Lawer101-1211-9
Reinhold Drugowitsch110111011
Rachel Rhodes11011174
Marin Aniel Ciobanu11011138
Peter Frost101-11011-1
Yas Turan11011147
David Gallagher101-1011-11
Steve Carder101-1811-3
Jacob Atie110111011
Ian Tarr101-1811-3
Will Blackwell11011138
Richard Halvorsen11011165
Luca Mills110111011
Sue Keeble11011129
Maurice Ekpenyong101-1011-11
Peter Snape101-1711-4
Plamen Sivrev101-1311-8
Roger Phillips110111101
Susanne Evers101-1411-7

Total of 26 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Fri 2023-02-10Mitch Connolly11-David GallagherTournament (R3)
2edit Fri 2023-02-10Richard Wesley-11Will Blackwell
3edit Fri 2023-02-10Steve Lawer-11Sue Keeble
4edit Fri 2023-02-10Marin Aniel Ciobanu11-Plamen Sivrev
5edit Fri 2023-02-10Matthew Fisher118Steve CarderInternal league
6edit Fri 2023-02-10Peter Frost-11Roger Phillips
7edit Fri 2023-02-10Yas Turan11-Susanne Evers
8edit Fri 2023-02-10Richard Philip-11Jacob AtieTournament (R1)
9edit Fri 2023-02-10Julian Minwalla118Ian TarrInternal league
10edit Fri 2023-02-10Stephen Booth611Richard HalvorsenInternal league
11edit Fri 2023-02-10Paolo Barone-11Luca MillsTournament (R1)
12edit Fri 2023-02-10Reinhold Drugowitsch11-Maurice EkpenyongTournament (R1)
13edit Fri 2023-02-10Rachel Rhodes117Peter SnapeInternal league
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