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UKBGF match results from 2023-02-19 to 2023-02-19

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Itzhak Rasooly11011165
John Gallagher101-1611-5
David James Collins11011165
Tyson Barber101-1411-7
Daniel Molan11011147
Nicolas Dechosal11011138
Gareth Brown110111101
Colin Burrows110111011
David Dodgson21101112-1
Arran Nicholson11011165
Paul Elmer101-1411-7
Reinhold Drugowitsch202-2122-21
Karen Slawek101-1311-8
Neil Clarke11011138
Nick Close110111011
Neil Shotton11011183
Alan Briefel101-1611-5
Andrew Selby11011165
Andrew Darby101-1611-5
Ahmed Sayed11011147
Roger Salmon101-1411-7
Suzy Collis101-1311-8
Liviu Ionescu101-11011-1
Simon Morecroft101-1011-11
Mark Lewis101-1111-10
Colin Bryant101-1611-5
Norman Hessler11011147
Jeff Proctor110111110
Rory Pascar110111011
Peter Booth11011138
Steve Fitton110111011
Steve O'Connor101-1311-8
Nick Baker101-1011-11
Michael Mullineux101-1811-3

Total of 34 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2023-02-19David Dodgson11-Mark Lewis
2edit Sun 2023-02-19Arran Nicholson11-Colin Bryant
3edit Sun 2023-02-19Paul Elmer-11Norman Hessler
4edit Sun 2023-02-19Karen Slawek-11Peter Booth
5edit Sun 2023-02-19Neil Clarke11-Steve O'Connor
6edit Sun 2023-02-19Itzhak Rasooly116Alan BriefelInternal league
7edit Sun 2023-02-19John Gallagher611Andrew SelbyInternal league
8edit Sun 2023-02-19Neil Shotton11-Michael Mullineux
9edit Sun 2023-02-19David James Collins116Andrew DarbyInternal league
10edit Sun 2023-02-19Tyson Barber411Ahmed SayedInternal league
11edit Sun 2023-02-19Daniel Molan114Roger SalmonInternal league
12edit Sun 2023-02-19Nicolas Dechosal11-Suzy Collis
13edit Sun 2023-02-19Gareth Brown11-Liviu Ionescu
14edit Sun 2023-02-19Colin Burrows11-Simon MorecroftTournament (R1)
15edit Sun 2023-02-19Reinhold Drugowitsch111Jeff ProctorInternal league
16edit Sun 2023-02-19David Dodgson-11Rory PascarTournament (R2)
17edit Sun 2023-02-19Reinhold Drugowitsch-11Steve FittonTournament (R2)
18edit Sun 2023-02-19Nick Close110Nick BakerInternal league
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