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UKBGF match results from 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-06

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Martin Brown101-1811-3
Steve Pickard110111011
Andrew Lister312-129263
Jacques Wehli21101320-7
Ian Davidson110111011
Romolo Mudu11011192
Richard Halvorsen11011147
Evan Williams11011192
Colly Morgan11011129
Susanne Evers101-1011-11
Paul Goldstein11011183
Dave Pritchard101-1011-11
Paolo Barone211015132
Lynda Clay101-1011-11
Tad Collins101-1911-2
James Newman101-1411-7
Larry Smyth101-1911-2
Katharine McMaster101-1211-9
Steve Bibby110111011
George Vlachonikolis11011192

Total of 20 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2023-03-06Colly Morgan11-Katharine McMaster
2edit Mon 2023-03-06Martin Brown811Paul GoldsteinInternal league
3edit Mon 2023-03-06Steve Pickard11-Dave PritchardTournament (R2)
4edit Mon 2023-03-06Andrew Lister911Jacques WehliInternal league
5edit Mon 2023-03-06Jacques Wehli211Paolo BaroneInternal league
6edit Mon 2023-03-06Andrew Lister114Paolo BaroneInternal league
7edit Mon 2023-03-06Ian Davidson11-Lynda ClayTournament (R3)
8edit Mon 2023-03-06Romolo Mudu119Tad CollinsInternal league
9edit Mon 2023-03-06Richard Halvorsen114James NewmanInternal league
10edit Mon 2023-03-06Evan Williams119Larry SmythInternal league
11edit Mon 2023-03-06Susanne Evers-11Steve BibbyTournament (R2)
12edit Mon 2023-03-06Andrew Lister911George VlachonikolisInternal league
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