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UKBGF match results from 2023-03-15 to 2023-03-15

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Stuart Mann11011174
Mike Murton101-1711-4
Ann Pocknell101-1711-4
Rich Tegna11011174
Alec Barr110111011
Peter Falter110111011
Thomas Breheny11011156
David Dennis101-1811-3
Murat Hatipoglu11011192
Cecilia Rogers11011174
Martyn Hamer11011138
Sue Perks110111011
Peter Hodson101-1411-7
Danny Gallagher101-1311-8
Nigel Hamill11011192
Arthur Thurgood101-1111-10
Tim Cross101-1711-4
Mike Shewry11011174
Georgios Papazoglou21101618-2
David Curtis101-1711-4
Elizabeth Ashfield101-1011-11
Pete Daly101-1011-11
Chris Palmer11011183
Ian Davidson101-1911-2
Rory Pascar101-1711-4
Simon Carter101-1311-8
Alexander Polden101-1011-11
Tom Ovenall11011147
Peter Booth11011138
Garry Jones101-1911-2
Jeff Proctor110111110

Total of 31 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2023-03-15Mike Murton-11Mike Shewry
2edit Wed 2023-03-15Alec Barr11-Elizabeth Ashfield
3edit Wed 2023-03-15Murat Hatipoglu11-Ian Davidson
4edit Wed 2023-03-15Danny Gallagher-11Peter Booth
5edit Wed 2023-03-15Stuart Mann117Tim CrossInternal league
6edit Wed 2023-03-15Ann Pocknell711Georgios PapazoglouInternal league
7edit Wed 2023-03-15Rich Tegna117David CurtisInternal league
8edit Wed 2023-03-15Peter Falter11-Pete DalyTournament (R2)
9edit Wed 2023-03-15Thomas Breheny115Georgios PapazoglouInternal league
10edit Wed 2023-03-15David Dennis811Chris PalmerInternal league
11edit Wed 2023-03-15Cecilia Rogers117Rory PascarInternal league
12edit Wed 2023-03-15Martyn Hamer113Simon CarterInternal league
13edit Wed 2023-03-15Sue Perks11-Alexander PoldenTournament (R2)
14edit Wed 2023-03-15Peter Hodson411Tom OvenallInternal league
15edit Wed 2023-03-15Nigel Hamill119Garry JonesInternal league
16edit Wed 2023-03-15Arthur Thurgood111Jeff ProctorInternal league
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