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UKBGF match results from 2023-04-23 to 2023-04-23

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Neil Foston110111011
Anna Price11011129
Matthew Guy110111110
Nick Ray101-1911-2
Lucy Winslow110111011
Andrew Selby11011165
Cecilia Rogers21101920-1
Michael Mullineux11011138
Richard Wesley11011138
Chris Andrescu11011156
Barry Gittleman202-21522-7
Colly Morgan101-1811-3
Dave Davies101-1011-11
Robin Gunney110111011
Paul King101-1011-11
David James Collins220222814
Peter Hodson101-1011-11
Alex Hannam101-1211-9
Michael Bromfield101-1111-10
Amirreza Mehraramolan11011192
Richard Munslow101-1011-11
Danny De Meester101-1611-5
Rachel Rhodes11011183
Ovidiu-Mihail Popa101-1311-8
Christoph Deiter101-1311-8
Charles Hill101-1911-2
Richard Fellows101-1511-6
Matthew Fisher11011156
Paul Swain11011183
Mark Ellison110111011
Mike Shewry101-1011-11
Simon Morecroft101-1811-3
Salvador Leong110111101

Total of 33 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sun 2023-04-23Michael Mullineux11-Ovidiu-Mihail Popa
2edit Sun 2023-04-23Richard Wesley11-Christoph Deiter
3edit Sun 2023-04-23Chris Andrescu11-Richard Fellows
4edit Sun 2023-04-23Colly Morgan-11Paul Swain
5edit Sun 2023-04-23Dave Davies-11Mark Ellison
6edit Sun 2023-04-23Neil Foston110Peter HodsonInternal league
7edit Sun 2023-04-23Anna Price112Alex HannamInternal league
8edit Sun 2023-04-23Matthew Guy11-Michael Bromfield
9edit Sun 2023-04-23Nick Ray-11Amirreza Mehraramolan
10edit Sun 2023-04-23Lucy Winslow11-Richard MunslowTournament (R4)
11edit Sun 2023-04-23Andrew Selby116Danny De MeesterInternal league
12edit Sun 2023-04-23Cecilia Rogers811Rachel RhodesInternal league
13edit Sun 2023-04-23Cecilia Rogers119Charles HillInternal league
14edit Sun 2023-04-23Barry Gittleman511Matthew FisherInternal league
15edit Sun 2023-04-23Robin Gunney11-Mike ShewryTournament (R3)
16edit Sun 2023-04-23Paul King-11David James CollinsTournament (R3)
17edit Sun 2023-04-23David James Collins118Simon MorecroftInternal league
18edit Sun 2023-04-23Barry Gittleman1011Salvador LeongInternal league
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