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UKBGF match results from 2023-05-11 to 2023-05-11

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Shaun Herd220222139
Steven Atkinson11011129
Aref Alipour11011147
Ken Gibson101-1411-7
Michael Pitaluga101-1611-5
Kosuke Hamaguchi101-11011-1
John Gallagher211015150
Gareth Brown11011129
Nick Sandqvist11011147
Martyn Hamer11011165
Andrew Tucker-Peake110111110
Bill Markham11011165
Peter Fivey11011138
Can Cag101-1311-8
Damien Ricaud101-1311-8
Paolo Barone101-1211-9
Jamie MacPherson11011147
Matthew Guy11011165
Ahmed Sayed101-11011-1
Barney Maunder-Taylor110111101
Chris Bray101-1411-7
Sion Edwards101-1211-9
Steen Oernvig101-1411-7
Cristian Cozoș101-1611-5
Paul Smart101-1111-10
Nick Close101-1611-5
Jules Smith101-1311-8
Will Blackwell11011138

Total of 28 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2023-05-11Kosuke Hamaguchi-11Barney Maunder-Taylor
2edit Thu 2023-05-11Gareth Brown11-Sion Edwards
3edit Thu 2023-05-11Bill Markham11-Nick Close
4edit Thu 2023-05-11Peter Fivey11-Jules Smith
5edit Thu 2023-05-11Can Cag-11Will Blackwell
6edit Thu 2023-05-11Shaun Herd113Damien RicaudInternal league
7edit Thu 2023-05-11Steven Atkinson112Paolo BaroneInternal league
8edit Thu 2023-05-11Aref Alipour114John GallagherInternal league
9edit Thu 2023-05-11Ken Gibson411Jamie MacPhersonInternal league
10edit Thu 2023-05-11Michael Pitaluga-11Matthew Guy
11edit Thu 2023-05-11Shaun Herd1110Ahmed SayedInternal league
12edit Thu 2023-05-11John Gallagher114Chris BrayInternal league
13edit Thu 2023-05-11Nick Sandqvist114Steen OernvigInternal league
14edit Thu 2023-05-11Martyn Hamer116Cristian CozoșInternal league
15edit Thu 2023-05-11Andrew Tucker-Peake111Paul SmartInternal league
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