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UKBGF match results from 2023-06-14 to 2023-06-14

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Paul Plumptre101-11011-1
Nick Ray101-1811-3
Mike Shewry11011192
Daan Posthuma101-1411-7
Simon Barget101-1711-4
Michael Pitaluga101-1711-4
Geoff Hall11011147
Julian Fetterlein11011129
Martin Reade312-12232-10
Richard Carter101-1211-9
Cecilia Rogers110111101
Richard Wesley101-1211-9
Andrew Darby101-1611-5
Roland Archer11011192
Sue Keeble101-11011-1
Aref Alipour11011174
Gregge Madan101-1911-2
Jacques Wehli11011183
Jolyon Wardle101-1911-2
John Plummer11011147
Mike Grabsky21101318-5
Adrian Jones11011174
Emad Salib101-1411-7
Rachel Rhodes110111110
Steen Oernvig11011129
Plamen Sivrev11011129
Danny Cohen11011165
Ian Davidson101-1911-2
Nick Thorpe110111101
Gaz Owen101-1711-4
Paolo Barone11011192

Total of 31 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2023-06-14Michael Pitaluga-11Adrian Jones
2edit Wed 2023-06-14Richard Wesley-11Plamen Sivrev
3edit Wed 2023-06-14Roland Archer11-Ian Davidson
4edit Wed 2023-06-14Sue Keeble-11Nick Thorpe
5edit Wed 2023-06-14Paul Plumptre1011Martin ReadeInternal league
6edit Wed 2023-06-14Nick Ray-11Jacques Wehli
7edit Wed 2023-06-14Mike Shewry11-Jolyon Wardle
8edit Wed 2023-06-14Daan Posthuma-11John Plummer
9edit Wed 2023-06-14Simon Barget711Mike GrabskyInternal league
10edit Wed 2023-06-14Gregge Madan911Paolo BaroneInternal league
11edit Wed 2023-06-14Geoff Hall114Emad SalibInternal league
12edit Wed 2023-06-14Julian Fetterlein112Mike GrabskyInternal league
13edit Wed 2023-06-14Martin Reade111Rachel RhodesInternal league
14edit Wed 2023-06-14Richard Carter211Steen OernvigInternal league
15edit Wed 2023-06-14Cecilia Rogers1110Martin ReadeInternal league
16edit Wed 2023-06-14Andrew Darby611Danny CohenInternal league
17edit Wed 2023-06-14Aref Alipour117Gaz OwenInternal league
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